How To Be A Good, Responsible Dad And Still Have Great Sex With Your Wife


Can you really be a good husband AND a great lover?

Remember that she was your wife before she was ‘mom’.

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Married couples and especially new parents often forget this very important fact. You were couple before you were parents.

Your biggest responsibility as parents is to love your children and provide a stable home.

You can’t do that if you’re divorced.

Dear Dan and Jennifer,

My wife and I have been married for 7 years, we have a four year old son and 2 year old twins.

Money is kind of an issue, due to the fact that we are a single income family and I work nights.

How can I be romantic and achieve a romantic sex life, but not neglect our kids and responsibilities as parents? Thanks Greatly.

— Steven, Missouri


Make Time For Your Relationship First

I know you’re exhausted. I know you’re tired. You’ve had a really long day.

But it’s critical to your relationship whether it’s two weeks older 20 years old, to make time for one another and to nurture your relationship. Schedule some time to just be together, whether its first thing in the morning, a nice lunch, or some quite couple time before you drift off to sleep, couple time is very important.

It doesn’t make you bad parents if you get a babysitter once a week so that you and your partner can go out on a nice, intimate, romantic date.  As a matter of fact, it may even make you better parents. Parents who actually stay together. Parents who are able to give fully to their children because they feel nurtured and loved as an individual.

Teach your children now what it means to be a well balanced individual. Don’t let them grow up thinking that they have to sacrifice everything to become parents. Just because that’s what your parents may have done, does not mean that’s what you have to do.

Also, don’t forget why you became a couple in the first place.

Remember the things that you used to say to one another and the things you used to do for one another when you first started dating

Now start doing them again!

Remind Her How Sexy She Is To You

It’s really easy for a “mom” to start thinking of herself only as a mom and to forget that deep down in there somewhere is the sexy vicious woman that she used to be. It’s very important for a man to lead his woman note that he still thinks she’s sexy and that he still thinks of her as a wife and not just a mom.

Little things go a long way with women. Flirt with her. Let her know that you still think she’s attractive. Ask her out on a date – one that you planned to surprise her.

Don’t take your time together for granted.  Treat every day with your wife as if it were the last day on earth. All we very have in life is this moment so live in the present. Not yesterday – it’s already gone. Not tomorrow – it may never come. Be the best partner and parent that you can possibly be – today.

Our best advice for a long term, successful relationship is to live it one day at a time. If you can say before you go to bed each  night “I want to see you again tomorrow”, then you’re well on your way to a life long relationship.

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