How To Cope With Being In An Interracial Relationship


We live in a modern age and consider ourselves to be quite evolved, but backward things like racism still exist in our world. If you’re currently in an interracial relationship, you’re probably very aware of this fact. You can’t let other people’s bigotry keep you from being with the person that you love. How, then, can you cope with the additional problems of interracial romance?

How Being In An Interracial Relationship Can Affect You

You will most likely meet with varying levels of judgment over the course of your relationship. You may get stares on the street, or overhear disapproving remarks from random passersby. Terrible as that is, the passing of time will increase your ability to ignore the ignorance of these strangers. If you find that friends, family or co-workers feel the need to show you their inner racist side, that’s a whole other story. When facing bigotry from familiar sources, you must first and foremost remind yourself that you are both happily in love and a good person. Hard as it may be, this is your chance to be the bigger man or woman. Don’t go into hysterics or make a scene when your great uncle makes a crack. Take a deep breath, look him in the eye and calmly say, “Uncle, that may be your opinion, but it doesn’t make it right. I don’t want to hear talk like that about someone I love.” If this unsavory individual’s behavior continues, politely announce that you don’t want to be around someone who feels the need to spew hate speech. Then leave the event. Inform other friends and family that you don’t desire to be around this individual again unless they can control themselves. Remain calm, don’t stoop to name-calling, and provide a unified front with your significant other. It may be difficult, but it will get results.

Problems That May Come Up Within The Relationship

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Cultural differences can also cause some problems. Religion can become an issue, particularly when you start to think about marriage or kids. You need to address this issue early on, and then again once you decide things are becoming truly serious. It’s important to establish whether or not one of you values religion more than the other, whether there’s an expectation that you convert or raise your possible children within a certain religion, etc. This is the sort of thing that could prove to be a deal breaker for many couples, so don’t wait until it’s too late to talk about it. It’s also important to learn about your partner’s cultural background in general. Showing your knowledge of common customs in their culture can impress your mate’s family. It also shows your partner that their background is important to you.

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong

The best thing that you can do for your relationship is be open with each other. Whether that means discussing how to handle a problematic relative or talking about what parts of your heritage are most important to you, you’ll be glad that your partner knows where you stand. There may be times when you or your significant other feel that you can’t understand each other because of a cultural difference. In moments like these, the openness you’ve established can save your relationship from falling apart. If you can feel comfortable saying that you don’t understand this particular aspect of your partner’s personal beliefs, but would love to have it explained to you, the situation may soon be resolved. Likewise, your partner needs to be understanding when you can’t relate to something due to your own background. Be honest, be supportive, and be open to the new learning experiences that your differences will provide. If you can do all of that, you will be able to get through the specific trials and tribulations of interracial romance and come out the better for it.

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