How To Date A Daddy’s Girl


She’s daddy’s little princess? Treat her like your queen! This won’t spoil her. Rather, it will touch her in such a way that you will stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to discover the daddy’s girl’s mind set and the secret to what she needs from you in order to feel safe and loved by you.

Understanding A Daddy’s Girl

If you are a single man out there dating today, chances are most of the women you date are daddy’s girls. Ever since women stepped up during World War II to take the place of men in the workplace who went off to war, competent, successful, capable women have been proud to bear the title “daddy’s girl.” Although not every daddy’s girl is “daddy’s little princess,” all daddy’s girls are competent women who are used to taking charge. Even the daddy’s girl who is submissive and a willing servant will take charge of your happiness 24/7. This is a crucial understanding to have if you want to have success with the adult daddy’s girl you date.

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Daddy’s girls are raised to believe that it is within their power and necessary for them to take care of everyone they love. She may boss you around or serve your every need, be one of the guys or frilly from head to toe, but her motivation is to take care of you because she is convinced this is the only thing that will bring her fulfillment. I’m sorry to have to say it, but this is a lie! As a man, the idea that your woman’s route to fulfillment is all about pleasing you might be a very juicy idea! However, a woman loves best who finds her fulfillment from within herself.

How To Love A Daddy’s Girl

What daddy’s girls need is reassurance that their feelings are cherished and the freedom to kick back, relax, and receive. Giving her these things can prove to be a huge challenge, but you’re a man, you can handle it!

When you ask her out for that first date, be assertive and have plans. If you take her out to eat, rather than ask her what restaurant she would like to go to, save that level of casualness for after you have been dating for awhile. Have specific plans, be bold, and share them with her. If you have been dating for awhile, periodically be assertive and make specific plans. Your assurance in yourself reassures her that she can rely on you to take care of her. Daddy’s girls are used to people taking advantage of their ability to take responsibility. Every time you remind her she can count on you makes an impression on her.

Respecting A Daddy’s Girl

While you are on the date, a daddy’s girl isn’t likely to hang on your every word. She is an intelligent woman used to making contributions to conversations. At times, you may find yourself competing with her for attention! Respect her mind and accomplishments, but not too much. Now why would I say that? When you respect a woman, you treat her like a man. As a daddy’s girl, this woman spends too much time existing in the world like a man: being decisive, taking action, handling responsibilities. When she is in your hands, you will capture her attention if you can create the space for her to trust your lead while relaxing her mind and body.

Besides, the best way to show a woman respect is to cherish her feelings. When she talks about her accomplishments and decisive action in her work life, ask her how it made her feel. When you want to try and fix something she’s sharing with you, ask her what her desire was about the situation. Did she desire a different outcome? How might she get that desire met in a similar situation in the future? How did she feel when what she wanted was thwarted? As a man, these kinds of questions may feel “sticky” and dangerous to you. She will get it, though. It will take her to a feminine space she may be unfamiliar with but a space she will feel grateful for having been led to.

Giving Her What She Needs

As she learns she can trust sharing her feelings with you, the responsibility on your end for asking the questions will go away. Once a woman realizes a man cherishes her feelings, she longs to share them with him. He doesn’t have to ask! The question then becomes creating balance so that there is more to the relationship than just listening to her share her feelings! But that is another subject!

There are things you can do on a date to assist her in kicking back, relaxing, and receiving. Insist on getting doors for her. Pull the chair out for her to sit in. Let her walk into the movie isle first. When you walk with her along a sidewalk, position yourself between her and traffic. These little things may seem small or even condescending. But they communicate that you are the man and that she is worthy of being treated like royalty. If she resists these efforts on your part to help her kick back, relax, and receive from you, use your attitude and words to reassure her that this is about her worthiness and status. It shouldn’t take long to win the battle and have her enjoying your attention.

Daddy’s girls can be a challenge because of their orientation that it is all up to them, that they are superior to men, and that men need them more than they need men. You can be the difference maker in her life by vigilantly showing up as the man who understands her real value, cherishes her feelings, and gives her the freedom to kick back, relax, and receive for a change. Good luck with this. She is worth the challenge and you are worth the prize!

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