How To Love A Daddy’s Girl


If you are in a relationship with a daddy’s girl or if you are a daddy’s girl, you probably are already aware that this quality of “daddy’s girl” affects your relationship.

Different Kinds Of Daddy’s Girls

Traditionally, we think of daddy’s girls as being the women who were tom boys when they were young who have grown up to be successful in their jobs and careers. These women get things done. These daddy’s girls can be intimidating, which isn’t usually a positive trait in a relationship.

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There are daddy’s girls who are submissive, almost servants to their husbands and children. They are at risk of being taken for granted by those they love best. Do you know what the number one result is of being submissive and long suffering? Resentment! This too isn’t a positive trait when it comes to relationships!

Another kind of daddy’s girl is the one who is still emotionally tied to her father. She cannot make a decision without his approval and she agrees with him that no man is good enough for his little girl! Because she compares every man she loves to her father, she never really gets to know the man who loves her back.

Can A Daddy’s Girl Love Herself?

I once read that a woman who is in touch with their femininity loves herself even more than she loves her man! This writer said the job of falling in love is up to the man because that has to do with masculine energy. A feminine woman is already in love with herself. The argument put forth made sense, so I won’t try to spell it out here. It had a lot to do with that singular quality that I argue is the sexiest quality of either a man or a woman and that is “confidence!” A woman in love with herself has confidence that radiates from her, making her attractive as well as interesting, mysterious, and lovable.

I bring up the woman who is in touch with her femininity because there is a type of daddy’s girl who masquerades as this woman. Daddy’s girls do not truly love themselves. Like all daddies’ girls, the ultra-feminine type searches outside herself for fulfillment. What starts out looking like the ideal woman who is happy to take care of all your needs eventually becomes needy and a drain.

I have to tell you, though, that the world is full of daddy’s girls. So, I suggest that instead of trying to avoid them, you learn how to love them. Here’s how.

Loving A Daddy’s Girl

The daddy’s girl modus operandi is to find fulfillment by taking care of her man. Again, you may ask, “Where’s the problem?” However, if you are a daddy’s girl or if you have lived with one, you already know what the problem is. When a woman looks outside herself for fulfillment, she can never be satisfied. For daddy’s girls, when she is looking for fulfillment through taking care of her man, resentment and disappointment invariably become a part of the relationship.

If you are a daddy’s girl, begin to practice not taking care of your man in all the ways you do it where you treat him like a little boy. Now, grown men need tender loving care too, but there is a huge difference between taking care of a man in ways men respond positively to and taking care of a man as if he is a boy who still needs a mama.

For instance, if he has agreed that something is his responsibility, do not take it over just because he isn’t handling it when and how you would. Leave it alone. Leave it for him to manage on his own time and in his own way.

Similarly, if he is disrespected out there in the world, don’t “poor baby” him. Listen to him, if he wants to process it. Pay attention to him for clues as to what he needs from you. But do not coo sympathetically over him as though he is a little boy (or little girl) who needs your sympathy, because he doesn’t. He needs your respect. Grown men do not soothe one another’s hurts the way women do. Women are wise to reach deep inside to show him extra respect rather than sympathy when life is hard on him.

Daddy’s Girls Can Find Fulfillment Within Themselves!

If you are a daddy’s girl, these kinds of small changes will stretch you. They will also free you when you know down to your bones that you are a beautiful grown woman in love with a handsome grown man and you can relate to each other as such! You will also gain more time on your hands to learn how to dig down deep to find fulfillment inside yourself.

If you love a daddy’s girl, your challenge is to let her know that you do not have to be treated like either a little boy or a father-figure in order for her to secure your love. There is a lot of pushing and pulling when you are with a daddy’s girl. She not only wants to take care of you, she has a belief that may be hidden from her consciousness that she will only find fulfillment in taking care of you. Add to this the confusion that taking care of you can look like anything from bullying you to complete submission from her!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep turning her attention back on herself. Encourage her to leave you alone in those situations where she thinks she is taking care of you but it isn’t working for you. Reassure her that you love her and that you will not disappear if she takes on the luxury of finding her fulfillment from within rather than by trying to take care of you.

Daddy’s girls get things done and that can be an excellent quality. When they learn the work of finding fulfillment from within, everyone benefits from their satisfaction and growing self love!

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