Love, Money, and Sex – Advice for a Lasting Relationship – Dan and Jennifer on Retirement Television


What are the really hard issues that can tear apart the best relationships over time?

Love, Money, and Sex.  At the core of it, that’s it. Sure, there are lots of little issues, but ultimately most of them come down to Love, Money, and Sex.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Florence Henderson and Meshach Taylor on the set of their new show, Living Live on Retirement Television. They asked us to share with their audience our advice for a long lasting, happy relationship.

So what DOES it take to have a long lasting, happy relationship?

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Be HONEST with your partner! No, not just part of the time…

TALK to EACH OTHER – Always share your feelings. It doesn’t matter one bit what your friends think. What truly matters is how you and your partner feel about each other. And if you’re not completely open with your feelings, your relationship is doomed.

So without further delay, watch Dan and Jennifer LIVE on Retirement TV!


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