How The Power of Empathy Can Improve Your Relationships


Back massage?  Flowers and candles?  Sexual favors?  Yes, all of these help keep the fires of a relationship burning. But have you ever considered the power of empathy? Empathy in a relationship continues to fuel the stuff of really long lasting relationships because, I believe, most … [Read more...]

How Do We Keep the “New” Feeling and Not Get Too Comfortable?


In new relationships, there is the "new" feeling that everyone loves.There's a scientific explanation for it.  It's a chemical released by the brain that gives us those warm, fuzzy feelings when we first meet someone new and the relationship gets off to a great start.Unfortunately, those "new" … [Read more...]

Do You Even Know What You’re Fighting About?


If you've ever gotten into a fight with a partner over something seemingly silly, you might have been very confused about why it was such a big deal. And yet, it may have been one of the biggest blow ups of your relationship.The truth is that sometimes a fight is about much more than not picking … [Read more...]

Should You Get Married To A Man Who Doesn’t Want Kids?


If you find yourself in a situation where you're in a committed relationship but your partner doesn't want kids (and you do), take heart because you're not the first.Regardless, it is still a difficult situation to be in and one in which decisions must be made. It is never easy to choose between … [Read more...]