Are You Pulling The Weight In Your Relationship?


A relationship should be equal, but once you’ve settled in, it can be easy to let things slide. Whether you’re the one who has stopped putting effort into your partnership, or your partner’s gotten lazy, it’s important to keep things in check. Don’t let your partnership get too one-sided. If it is, … [Read more...]

Is My Woman Spilling Secrets About Our Relationship?


A relationship should be a private thing between two people. Your lips are sealed, but hers never stay shut! How do you handle a woman who's an open book when you're super private? how do you prevent her from talking about your naughty bits and other intimate details? What She Said: Well, it’s … [Read more...]

Should You Adopt A Pet With Your Partner?


A relationship through many phases. What happens when you want to build a family with this person but aren't ready for a kid? Should you get a pet together?Whether you’re both experienced pet owners, or this is the first time either of you have ever had an animal, getting one together is a big … [Read more...]

Long Term Relationship: How NOT To Be A Nag


A long term relationship take some effort to keep. Nagging is one of those things that can destroy long term relationships if you let it - here's how to stop! Are You A Constant Nagger? No one likes being called a nag. The term is full of all sorts of negative connotations. Yet all of us have … [Read more...]