Could Your Need for Control be Ruining Your Relationship?


All of us seem to have a craving for power. We are all driven to get control over the situations we find ourselves in, and mostly, over our partners.We think to ourselves - "If she would only do what we want her to do," or "If he would only do what I need him to do," then life would be better. In … [Read more...]

The Little Known Secret to Getting What You Want From Your Partner


Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Really! He leaves his things on the floor and then gripes about the house being a mess.  He doesn’t seem to get it that I want him to listen to my feelings. He is so distant and in his head all the time. Why doesn’t he act like he cares about me?That woman! … [Read more...]

Attracting the Relationship You Want Instead of the One You Left


Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock you have heard about the Law of Attraction in the past couple of years.Since the movie “the Secret” came out it seems that everyone has been talking about it.Basically the Law of Attraction says that you will attract what you think about.So of … [Read more...]