The Relationship Secret – How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Relationships


Dear Dan and Jennifer,I have read a lot on the law of attraction (including your article on writing down the description of your perfect mate - which I did), but I have one question I cannot find the answer to and I'm hoping you can help me.  I've been dating a man on and off for 5 years and while … [Read more...]

High School Sweethearts In Jeopardy – Are We Growing Apart?


It's hard enough for grown adults to stay together and have a happy, long lasting relationship... but that's nothing next to the challenges faced by high school sweethearts.These young lovers have the odds really stacked against them, and yet many stay together for the long run. But put yourself … [Read more...]

Healthy Relationships: Assessing the Emotional Safety


Couples seek relationship counseling for numerous reasons. As a professional who works with many different couples with a variety of issues, I’ve identified one similar thread that runs through all of them.Their relationships lack in varying degrees of “emotional safety.” Typically, the couples who … [Read more...]