5 Signs Your Man Is NO Good


Relationship advice is necessary if you want to find out if you’re really with Mr. Right or not. Check out these five red flags that your fella needs the boot.

Men are dogs, pigs, whatever you want to call them. If you think that you have met prince charming but there are things that you know aren’t right, you should always follow your gut. For the most part, having a feeling that you’re getting played or the guy is hiding something will come to light with your suspicions being true.

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This is not always the case, but women have an uncanny ability to feel out situations. There are ways that you can easily tell whether or not a guy is right for you. Here are the top 5 signs that your man is NO good.

1. You Always Pay

There are only two reasons that you always pay when you go out. The first reason is that he doesn’t have any money. The second reason is that he doesn’t want his wife or girlfriend to see the credit card or banking statement. Now, if your guy is in financial straits and you know about it, this can be something that you have to overlook.

Knowing about your man’s financial situation is an honesty that is admirable on his part. However, if he has chiseled out an image of success, he should be paying. Leave your guard up if you are constantly paying for yourself or for the both of you on every date.

2. He Doesn’t Stay Over

Having a casual affair can be a lot of fun. However, there is nothing casual about a relationship. If your man leaves after every romp in the sheets, there’s probably something going on. Even if you’re not having sex and he refuses to stay the night, you have to start looking out for yourself.

Guys that don’t stay the night have a reason to leave. This could be that he has a wife or girlfriend waiting for him at home or that he is just afraid to get intimate with you. If you are having sex and he is leaving, he is probably afraid of commitment and needs to be confronted. Let him know that you’re not looking for something casual and see how he responds.

3. He Doesn’t Talk About The Future

Guys that don’t talk about a future with you aren’t planning on a future with you. This is very simple. If he’s not talking about the future then he’s probably no good. Guys are a lot like girls in relationships. They don’t want to keep things stagnant. They want to have something to look forward to other than watching TV on a Friday night.

If your guy isn’t talking about future trips, holiday plans or meeting your parents, get rid of him. You want a guy that can see himself with you for a while barring no immediate infidelity or hiccups in the relationship.

4. He Isn’t Considerate

Has a guy ever blown you off last minute to go hang out with his friends? If he has then you know how infuriating and hurtful it can be. A guy that is not considerate of your feelings or your time is not somebody that you want to be with. If you find yourself waiting by the phone on a Friday or Saturday night wondering if you’re going to have a date, you might as well break it off now or have a very stern talk with him.

You want a guy that is going to make plans with you ahead of time, stick with them and follow through. Never stay with a guy that takes you or your time for granted. Eventually you’re going to get tired of it and break the relationship off.

5. He Has No Ambition

A man without ambition is a man that you’re never going to respect. Traditionally, a guy is supposed to take care of the family. While there are different rules now that women have become liberated, a man should still want to be able to provide for his wife and children. If you find yourself with a guy that has no ambition, you can rest assured that he does not love you enough to provide the type of life he believes you deserve.

No guy should be held to the standard of becoming the next billionaire on Wall Street or a real estate tycoon, however, a life of never having to worry about bills being paid is something that everybody should strive for. If your guy is not trying to provide for you and an upcoming family, he’s not the kind of guy that will go the distance.

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