How To Tell If Your Man Is Lying


Relationship advice is important to have if you suspect your significant other isn’t being honest with you. Here’s how to know if they’re lying.

Something’s fishy, and not in good way. You think your partner isn’t being truthful, but you’re not sure, and you want to be. How do you tell if you guy is on the up and up or a dirty no good dog?

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Guys get such a bad reputation for being liars and they fit the stereotype. Lots of men lie, but those same men are really terrible at it. If you are quick and pay attention, you can totally tell if your guy is lying to you. When you ask your guy a question and before he answers he hesitates, he’s probably lying.

That hesitation is him figuring out what the right thing is to say, instead of telling you the truth. Also when a guy is lying about something, he’ll put too much emphasis on what he says, and he’ll add too much detail. Lets say you asked him what he did last Saturday night. If he answers with lots of details, time, place, who he was with, what they drank/ate and he repeats his same story over and over again, there is a good chance he is lying. Guys are simple and not detailed like women, they can usually answer your questions in 3-4 words. Don’t believe me? Look at any text message you have gotten from a guy, I bet his responses to you are short and few words.

Now, if he is lying and trying to cover his tracks, he will have taken time to iron out details and make sure you know those details so it seems like it was the truth. So pay attention to him, not the details but in how many details he is giving you. That’s a sure sign that he is trying to save his ass. A man with nothing to hide will be able to simply answer your questions and move on to something else, like sports or beer.

What He Said:

My apologies to Ms. Johnny Cochran over there, but I think she’s on smack. You can’t automatically say that just because he gives you details he’s lying. Some people are detail oriented. Some aren’t. Some may be visual and can remember things well, others not so much. If the story is consistent, that’s probably a good thing. It’s when you ask the questions and the story changes or if he struggles to explain inconsistencies, that’s probably not good. Too many details can be a problem, that’s true. He probably won’t remember everything, you should probably hear “I don’t know” once or twice.

You, if you’re getting the truth, should hear direct answers, yes or no. If the conversation starts to sound like an oil executive testifying at a congressional hearing, then well, that’s not good. Also, demeanor and body language are important. Is he relaxed? Breathing heavily? Showing signs of confusion, frustration or fatigue?

He’s not going to like the whole interrogation thing, but if he’s anything other than relaxed and calm, you might feel your spidey sense tingling. Unless of course, he’s an actor, attorney, serial killer, used car salesman or elected official. Those people are trained liars and get off on doing so. You shouldn’t be having sex with them anyway. What is wrong with you woman? Seriously? Have you no taste? No sense of self worth? Why are you letting them pet the kitty? Aren’t there other people who aren’t professional douchebags who want to get naughty with you? Can’t you be attracted to them? No? You want guys who treat you like crap? Oh, okay. Who am I to judge?


You probably know your man pretty well. Or at least you should. So you should have a feel right away for whether or not he’s telling the truth. And at the end of the day, you don’t have to wonder about it. He will reveal himself. A persons actions do not lie, even though they may. Just wait, be patient. In time you will have the answers, whether you want them or not is another story.

Do you really want to know what he’s thinking or where he was last night? What will finding out do for you? It’s always good to make sure you really want to know. Sometimes when you find out that you would really rather not know. But you can’t go back once you do, so don’t ask unless it’s something you are prepared for. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

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