Is Your Relationship The Real Deal?


Relationship advice is crucial if you want to find out if your partnership is on the right track. Have you actually found the one this time? Here’s how to know!

So you’re a girl. Who met a boy. And you “know” he’s the one. This time you mean it! Seriously though, new relationships are highly intoxicating. Puppy love and love feel eerily similar. Sooner or later, we’re all bound to fall in love. But how do you tell which is which? Is he really Mr. Right, or is he just a practice relationship?

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At one point or another all women have dreamed of their perfect wedding. We imagined the dress, the flowers and the perfect man. But how do you know if the guy you are dating is Mr. Right? Most importantly, do you want him to be? Just having to ask yourself if he is Mr. Right is a red flag. And is cause to be alarmed. If you felt like he was Mr. Right, no article that you read or advice column is going to tell you. You will know it. But, since love is different for everyone, it might be hard to really know so you need to ask your heart and your gut some questions.

Does he support you emotionally, physically and spiritually? Do you want nothing more than to make him happy? Does he make you feel supported and safe? Is there still a spark between the two of you? When he walks into a room, does your face light up? These things sound super cliché, but there is so much truth to them. Another gut question to ask yourself is, his annoyance factor. In other words, does your man now do some of the things that your ex used to do that annoyed you but these things do not annoy you with your new guy? You might just have yourself a Mr. Right.

The last super major gut question to ask yourself is what would your life be without him? If a life without him makes you feel lost that’s a sure sign he is your Mr. Right. Again, these are just some questions to ask yourself, you know what you feel. Listen to your gut.

What He Said:

As the wise Chris Rock once said, “Love is like bread. You gotta love the crust. You can’t just love the white part of the bread. Everyone loves that part. It’s the crust. If you don’t love that, you don’t love him.”

Being a woman in love with a man means sooner or later he is going to do some stupid shit to piss you off. Is your love strong enough to put up with that? Your love can’t be based on his abs or sex or any one thing. All those things are important, of course, but they will ebb and flow over time.

For a man, relationships are about finding a level of insanity you can put up with. Don’t think you’re crazy? You have a vagina, don’t you? I’m not saying it’s wrong your crazy, but make sure Mr. Right knows how crazy you are and loves you anyway. If he’s seen you at your worst, and he still returns your calls, that’s pretty significant.

You can live without everything and anything except protein and water. So saying “I can’t live without him” is a lie. You can. But do you want to? That’s a better question. If you can and don’t want to, then you’re on to something.

Goosebumps are something he should always give you as well as effort. He shouldn’t stop doing the things he did to get you after he has gotten you. Women like that stuff. It’s important to you and he should know this and be willing to do this stuff for you, even if he doesn’t want to. Love is doing things you know you hate because he/she likes to do them. If he’s willing to do that for you, and he’s coachable on other stuff, like the love-making, then you’re really on to something.

If you’re asking yourself too many questions about him and where this is going, that’s probably not good. It’s good to be sure, and don’t go into anything blindly, but if you’re devoting tons and tons of energy to analyzing the relationship and wondering if he can pass a background check then, well, maybe it’s a “not so much” type answer to the “Is he Mr. Right?” question.

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