Keep Your Relationship New And Exciting By Expanding Her Sexual Repertoire


Relationship advice can help keep you from falling into boredom. Make your relationship stay fresh by always introducing new elements into your sex life. Your partner has her sexual repertoire – her own skill set and techniques. And women stand on different grounds, based on their erotic offerings. One may give great head but have lame hands. Another may give out-of-this-world sensual massages but be a terrible reverse-rider.

Now, imagine showing a woman the ropes and honing her sexual game. Imagine showing her tricks and positions she’s never done before – bringing her pleasure and excitement she never knew existed. Imagine being the breath of fresh air in her life, opening her eyes to possibilities and making her think, “This guy is something else.” Imagine giving her something that her other relationships have never offered.

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The fact of the matter is, your partner is bored out of her wits everyday. Her days are caged in routines revolving around work (or home).

A typical Monday could drone like this:

Wake-up-early-in-the-morning. Have coffee. Drive to work. Answer stupid emails. Have lunch at 12. Meetings in the afternoon. Dinner in front of the TV. Take half a sleeping pill. Dream of a 2 week paid vacation that will never be. Wake up early in the morning. Have coffee. Drive to work, etc.

For many women, sex remains to be the only avenue to unload the stress of a horrendous work week. Unfortunately, these same women become even more deadened as sex further deteriorates their already ho-hum existence – courtesy of lovers boring as hell.

Take pride in your relationship with her. Be the man who teaches her how to please a man. You need to bring something to the table and not simply take from it.

1. Constantly Surprise Her

I don’t mean paying top dollar for anything – that’s just using your money to do the thinking for you. Use your imagination. It doesn’t even need to be elaborate or labored. In fact, the simpler the better – always think simple and little.

2. Teach Her New Positions

Suggest  new sex positions that come to mind throughout the day. Tell her about new sex roles you’ve concocted or this month’s codenames for erotic regions or this month’s genre for booty music.

3. Make Sex Exciting

Whisper naughty remarks while in front of her friends or at the ATM line. Tell her how you’ll blindfold her later and have your way with her. Tell her about your plans of inducting her into the Mile-High Club – right there on her first class seat!

And don’t just tell, do it.

Your partner will gladly take the position of student when she knows she’s in good hands. Be her teacher, her guru and lead the way. Give her the joy of just being there for the ride. Make time spent with you a journey of discovery and she’ll conclude she’s better off with you around.

Reality Check

How can you possibly do these things when you yourself are mentally bankrupt?

When you’ve got nothing, no ideas of your own, how can you possibly add color to her experience? When you yourself are bored to death with your own routines, how can you lead the way? You don’t know where the freakin way is!

If I were you, I wouldn’t rely on the size of my penis and start really thinking how to make the sex more exciting. You’re the man, she will look to you for leadership and dominance.

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