Sex On Her Period – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

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Is it filthy? Is it taboo? Is it simply natural? No matter what you think, everyone surely has their opinion when it comes to this topic – sex during her period. Do you? Don’t you? Have you? Should you? Along with everything else, it’s clearly a very personal choice. For now, I’ll give you a few things to consider.

How Does She Feel About It?

First and foremost I believe the option of having sex during her period has an awful lot to do with how the woman feels about it. During her time is she the type who experiences mood swings or has to deal with horrible cramping?? Is she normally withdrawn during this particular time of the month? These are all very legitimate reasons she may wish to avoid sex during her period. As with anything, if this topic is brought up you could be turned down, however – there is ALSO the chance that this may be something you could explore and perhaps, come to enjoy!!

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Ironically, sex can potentially alleviate some of the discomfort that menstruation presents for a woman. Contrary to popular opinion, sex can actually help to relieve a headache – cramping or general feelings of low energy. Sex promotes blood flow which can often times minimize headaches and even possibly relax cramping… not to mention the obvious tension release! Sex can also be a great kick-start to feel re-energized during a downswing of your mood… Yes, endorphins do this!! An attempt couldn’t hurt – if it’s not for you then at least you know. If it works then it may broaden a whole new experience going forward.

What If The Guy Doesn’t Like It?

Now if it’s the guy who would rather avoid the dirty lovin’ at this time that’s a whole other situation. For many guys a woman’s time of month is a turn off. I believe this is mainly a mental reaction because physically things aren’t all that different when Aunt Flo is visiting. If this is something your woman wants to try and you are hesitant because of the sight of blood, how about turning off the lights?? If all goes according to plan, once you are turned on and ready to go – your focus will likely be on how things FEEL versus how they may look. There is always the option of using a condom if you prefer a little less clean up not to mention the obvious protection from risk, which should be assumed anyways. Get yourself a large towel to spread over the bed sheets and off you go!

So, if you’re into the idea of having sex while on her period and you’ve moved beyond any hesitations then we can take things to the next level, oral sex. Many people who don’t take issue with having sex on her period draw the line with oral sex. Again, everything regarding intimacy and one’s comfort level is based on personal choice. What many don’t consider when it comes to period sex is that flow levels in a woman vary throughout her time. Sure there will be heavier days where you can expect a little more fluid but there are also lighter days which might be a good time to venture into making an attempt.

Can You Have Oral Sex During Her Period?

Oral sex during her time can stay focused on her clitoris which is mainly away from the flow and wouldn’t be quite as shocking, while still giving her oral pleasure. If she is on her back there is also less potential for mess. You can also use oral dams (like a condom for your mouth/oral sex) at this time of month which are made for the purpose of protecting you from STD’s of course, but can also help to ease you into oral sex during this time. In return, if she is not comfortable with giving you oral sex after you’ve ‘gotten messy’ she can put a condom on you (a fresh one) when she goes down.

If you are in a committed relationship and are having unprotected sex then it’s up to your level of desire for attempting oral sex during her time. If you are both into trying, I recommend giving it a shot.
During a woman’s period this can also be a time where the surge of hormones can create a heightened sense of libido. A heightened libido can certainly benefit sexual activity. If you’ve practiced this before you’ll know that period sex isn’t all that shocking really. Sure it can be a little messier then usual but sometimes that just adds to the kink! If this is something you may wish to try, take my advice – embrace mother nature and enjoy sex at any time of the month from now on.

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