Top Things Men Do To Screw Up A Long Term Relationship


Men can do a lot of things to screw up a long term relationship, in addition to what women do to screw up a relationship. Some issues are small and can be worked out with their partners, but other things that men do when they’re in a relationship can really mess things up for both partners. Here’s the top things that men do that can end a relationship, and how you can avoid them.

Top Things Men Do To Screw Up A Long Term Relationship – What She Said

Cheating – it’s my number one, and I’d be willing to bet it’s at the top of the list for a lot of other ladies as well. Of course with cheating comes the loss of trust and respect. Combined, those are things that can (and often do) irreparably screw up a long-term relationship. While behaviors that can throw a wrench into a couple’s union vary greatly, here’s a quick list of the most common ways men muck up their love nest. Consider it a primer of what not to do, guys. You can thank me later.

  • Lying, whether about big or small issues, is never a good thing. It’s a slippery slope – don’t open that door.
  • Forgetting to appreciate your gal. No one wants to be taken for granted.
  • Letting resentment grow. Keep communicating – it’s a lot easier to air differences when they’re in the beginning stages.
  • Letting the sex go out of your relationship. Or, worse, looking for it elsewhere. See above!
  • Any kind of abuse, verbal or physical, is unacceptable.
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The list could go on and on, but it really comes down to handful of things. Don’t worry; they’re all mutual! You’re not there to do all the work; you’re there to share in the experience with someone you care about. It all comes down to this: love, respect and communication. If you’ve got all of those things running smoothly, you’re golden. If anything seems out of whack, be willing to take a step back and explore why.

Feeling frustrated with your mate? Behavior and decide you need to vent about it with a female coworker at a bar after work? Thumbs down. Sitting with your partner and actually telling her what’s wrong? Applause meter! We all have that inner voice helping to guide us between right and wrong. It’s called intuition and, even though it’s usually associated with women, men have it too. Call it your gut, if you will, even if you have a six-pack. If something doesn’t feel right, your gut will let you know. However, listening to your gut is a two-parter. You’ve got to hear it AND follow through on what it’s telling you. It’s the “following through” part that trips us all up; and this is often where things go wrong. Be present, be honest and be kind. Following these little tips will make your girlfriend happy. And guess who gets to benefit from that?

Top Things Men Do To Screw Up A Long Term Relationship – What He Said

Complacency And Inconsistency

For women, life is a journey. For men, it’s a destination. This kills more relationships than anything else. You have to consistency say and do the things that got her in the first place. You can never stop. Don’t think that just because you “got the girl” that you won the game. Wake up, sparky. The game is just beginning. If you screw up with some girl at a bar, or some random one night stand, who cares? But if you’re in a long term relationship, this is when the real work starts. You can’t get lazy. You can’t let yourself go. You never stop dating. EVER. You may stop dating other women, but you never stop dating her.

Lack Of Preventative Maintenance

You love your car, you baby it. You get the fanciest car wash possible, get the oil changed regularly; you lavish all kinds of attention on it. And it looks amazing. Why shouldn’t it? You put in a shit ton of work! Do you put that kind of effort into your relationship with your girl? Hell, no. That would make sense! In life, you get what you put in, and if you don’t put in the effort into the relationship, she’ll find someone else to put it in her.

Lack Of Appreciation

She was everything you’d ever wanted in a woman when you first met, but somehow you forgot all about this when you settled down together. She needs to be appreciated. She needs to be needed. You need to make her feel like the greatest thing to ever happen to you. Because she is.

A Gap In Communication

Chris Rock was right. “Women are like the police. They can have all the evidence in the world, but they still want that confession.” Yes, she knows you love her, and yes, she knows you want to do her. Constantly. But what she’s not getting is how much you love her. She needs to hear it. Constantly. She needs to know specifically what you love about her, how your life is better off with her in it, the whole nine yards. The sappier the better. I know you don’t want to say this, but that’s what you’re there for.

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