You Said What?! Seven Things You Should Never Say To A Woman


When people teach the Law of Attraction, they explain that what you put your attention on increases.  In an effort to explore why bad things happen, they teach that worrying about negative things can actually attract them to you.

Worry Is Natural

Because worry is a natural response to living, compulsive personality types can find this concept quite challenging.  Suddenly one is worrying about worrying for fear of attracting something bad.

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One day I heard my favorite Law of Attraction teacher explain something that completely calmed me on this issue.  If someone hands you a tall glass of cold milk and you think to yourself, “Don’t spill the milk,” you will not spill the milk.  When you want to avoid something, as long as you are thoughtful and do not zone out, you can accomplish avoiding it rather than attracting it.

So following is a list of things you should never say to a woman.  I trust that our looking at what not to say will not result in the very thing we are trying to avoid!

These statements to avoid saying can feel perfectly innocent, even complimentary in the moment.  However, uttering them can create a cold chill in the room that may take lots of work to heat back up.

  • “Golly!  You’ve got quite the appetite!” Among men, a healthy appetite is evidence of health, well being, and enjoying each other’s company.  Verbalizing the observation of a woman’s healthy appetite can make her feel like a glutton.
  • “You’re looking really good for your age!” Whereas one woman could make this observation to another (maybe, under ideal circumstances between the best of friends), a man making it is like pouring cold water on the person he wants to impress the most.
  • “My mom did it this way.” Whether you compare her to your mother favorably or unfavorably, your woman doesn’t want to remind you of your mother!  Even when she sometimes mothers you, she doesn’t want to remind you of HER!
  • “That was delicious – just like my ex used to make.” Letting her know she really satisfied your appetite should end at she satisfied your appetite!  No comparisons to the ex, ever!
  • “Your mom is sexy!” Now, a woman might appreciate admiring her own mother, realizing that her mom really does look great for her age and so she too stands a good chance of still being sexy herself twenty-five years from now.  But hearing you admire her mom this way will just make her feel “icky” and diminished in comparison!

You Said What?!

  • “Can we keep the lights off?” She will instantly interpret this one to mean you do not find her attractive and would rather fantasize about someone else while you are with her.  If that is true, it would be best to end the relationship and free you both to find better love elsewhere.  If it is a result of your own self-consciousness then request low lighting.  She will interpret that as romantic and you will be her hero!
  • “No, Sandy, that’s not what I meant,” when Sandy is your ex’s name!  No one does this consciously!  When it happens, it is an accident.  Your best bet is to apologize immediately and ask her how you can make up for it.  Lavishing her with reassurance ought to disarm her.  Especially if it never happens again!

Natural Differences Between the Sexes

When men and women say things to each other they ought never to say, it’s rarely intentional.  Usually, it is a result of the natural differences between the sexes.  It often occurs because a woman is talking to her man like he’s her girlfriend or because a man is talking to his woman like she’s one of the guys.

A really awesome, cool, magnificent way to insure peace, harmony, and hotness between a man and a woman is if each can put him or herself in the other’s shoes without feeling a loss of self.

To consider the other’s viewpoint from within the other’s male or female chemistry, physiology, and mentality without judgment can open the imagination to numerous ways of communicating, “I love you,” or, “I’m interested in you,” or, “I think you hung the moon,” or, “I honor and respect you,” etc. with or without words!

You do not have to get lost in the other’s shoes.  Wear them for a short time, even for just a moment, for a shift in perspective that can make you number one on his or her list of favorite people of all time!

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