10 Valentine’s Day Kissing Tips

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Valentine’s Day is well known as the “kissing” holiday. Whether you’re planning on having sex later or not, if you have someone to kiss on Valentine’s Day, you’re definitely going to be kissing them – and hopefully for more than just a few seconds. Make this February 14th a day (or night!) to remember with these super sweet and sensual kissing tips.

Don’t Rush The Kiss

A great Valentine’s Day kiss shouldn’t be rushed. Even if you’re excited to begin oral sex or intercourse, rushing through the kiss could actually end up backfiring on you. Kiss your partner slowly and with meaning behind it. Don’t let your eagerness to get on with other things come through in the kiss – instead, go slowly and act as though you have nowhere else to be and nothing better to do!

The Tongue Isn’t Everything

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When kissing, remember that the tongue isn’t everything. The lips and teeth play a huge part in a great kiss too! Kiss your partner softly with just your lips, without moving your tongue towards their mouth at all. Nibble their lips and keep yours soft and pushed out slightly so your lover can nibble on your lips too.

Snuggle In Between Kisses

For longer makeout sessions, it’s important to take breaks from kissing to catch your breath. In between kisses, don’t ignore your partner to catch a glimpse at the television or let your mind wander. Instead, snuggle with your significant other and let them know how special they are to you and how good it feels to be wrapped up in their arms. Snuggling will make your partner feel super blissed out, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day!

Kissing Is Not A Means To An End

The biggest mistake that men make when it comes to the art of kissing is that they treat it as though it is a means to an end and a way to get on with more important things, like getting a blowjob or having sex. Most women enjoy kissing in and of itself, and if they feel as though you’re more interested in getting it on, they may decide they don’t want to put out or move forward with heavy petting, sex or oral sex.

Kiss Other Parts Of The Body Too

Don’t limit your kissing to just your partner’s mouth this Valentine’s Day. Remember to move your lips softly across your partner’s cheek, nibble their ear and dip your head low to kiss and nibble their neck. Don’t go below the neck though, or your lover may think that you’re only interested in having sex! By remembering the sweet spots other than the lips and mouth, you can ensure a great makeout session that doesn’t bore you or your partner easily.

Make The Kiss Delicious

Even if you practice great oral hygiene, you can make the kiss even more delicious by adding mints or candies or even experimenting with temperatures! For a kiss that is cool as a cucumber, pop a breath mint in before kissing your partner. To heat it up, use cinnamon gum, candies or cinnamon mints. Your lover won’t be expecting a deliciously flavored kiss! You can also bring the temperature up or down by alternating sucking on ice or sipping iced tea with drinking a hot drink such as hot tea, hot cocoa or cappuccino. Just make sure that if you’ve made yourself a nice cup of joe, that you have one for your partner too!

Compliment Your Lover

Use the breaks you’re taking in between kissing to whisper sweet nothings in your significant other’s ear. You can, of course, combine this with nibbling and sucking your partner’s earlobe! Let your partner know how good they look this Valentine’s Day, or let them know how important or special they are to you.  If you are in a committed relationship with your partner, this would be a good time to tell your partner that you love them.

Bring Along The Chapstick

If you plan on making out with your lover for longer than several minutes (which you probably should if its Valentine’s Day) both of you are going to end up with some very chapped lips. Bring along the Chapstick to make both of you more comfortable during kissing and after!

Experiment With Bondage

You don’t have to be having sex to have a little fun with bondage. Practice tying your partner up and kissing them all over! Take turns and let your lover kiss you when you are immobilized.

Don’t Let Your Partner Get Blue Balls

Yes, both men and women can get blue balls. If this happens while you are making out, engage in a little heavy petting and give him a handjob, finger her or try sixty-nining for mutual oral sex. If you’ve had sex before, this would be a perfect time to shed the clothes and let off a little steam!

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