3 Hot Oral Sex Techniques To Use This Valentine’s Day


Oral sex is the perfect sizzling hot Valentine’s Day gift. It lets your partner know that tonight, it’s all about her and her pleasure. Get ready to camp out down south and give her oral sex that will blow her mind and have her begging on her knees for more! Here are some tips you can use to go down on her that will keep her clawing at the sheets and screaming your name until she has an earth shattering orgasm!

Lick Slowly All Around Her Vagina

Instead of heading straight for her clitoris, use your tongue to explore every nook and cranny of her vagina. When giving her oral sex, don’t spare an inch! Make sure she’s clean and well groomed ahead of time and this should be an easy task. You can even use flavored lube to make your job even easier – and more enticing! Let your tongue brush lightly all over her vagina from top to bottom as you tease her and get her warmed up for the real thing. When you start to really get into it, form your tongue into a firm point and begin to lick and suck deeply. If you typically only lick her clitoris when going down on her, giving her this kind of oral sex on Valentine’s Day will make sure she never, ever forgets just how good you can be in bed!

Finger Her G-Spot And Give Her A Blended Orgasm

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This is a great oral sex technique to try on Valentine’s Day, especially if your lover has never had a blended orgasm before. A blended orgasm is a mix between a g-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm, and can be one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can ever have. Learning how to give her a blended orgasm will not only make sex hotter tonight, it’s a technique you can use any time you really want to rock your partner’s world. Get her warmed up by licking her clitoris and priming her g-spot to be touched and fondled. Once she’s good and ready, slip your finger inside her vagina with your palm up and crook your finger in a “come hither” motion. You’ll be able to feel the g-spot easily (it’s much harder to do when she’s not completely aroused because it’s not engorged with blood and will feel like the rest of the vagina) and stimulating it is simple – just rub the g-spot back and forth or move your finger in circles. Switch back and forth between clitoris and g-spot stimulation until she’s begging you to bring her to climax. Then do both at the same time until she explodes! This may even allow her to experience female ejaculation if she’s really able to let go.

Take Your Time (And Make Noise)

One thing that women hate when it comes to oral sex is feeling like her man thinks its a chore to go down on her. If he doesn’t like it, she’s not going to like it. Or, she’ll pretend she likes it for a few minutes and really won’t get into it. Let her know that you love eating her out and giving her an orgasm with your mouth. Show her that you’re really enjoying it by looking up at her now and then while you’re doing it and acting as though you’re really into it. Don’t lean your head to one side and lick as though you’re bored with it and don’t want to be doing it. She’ll never reach orgasm that way and your efforts (however minimal they may be) will be wasted. Instead, let her know that you love having your face between her legs by acting like it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted (yes, this really works!) and making at least some noise. You don’t have to be totally fake about it when giving her oral sex, but playing it up a little bit and showing her that you really love licking her up and down can go a long way in rocking her world. Don’t rush her through oral sex either – take your time and if you’re tired, don’t let on. Let her think you could happily be down there forever.

By giving your lover amazing oral sex and taking her to the next level this Valentine’s Day, she’ll never forget how incredible you are in bed – and she’ll be wanting to have sex with you all the time! Don’t forget that after you give her great head, she’ll want to do the same for you too.

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