6 Valentine’s Day Sex Games That Don’t Break The Bank


Valentine’s Day is all about having fun and spending time with your significant other – in the bedroom, of course! Instead of taking your partner out for dinner and a movie, try these sizzling sex games to ramp up your sex life and turn up the heat between you and your lover. These sex games prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have super hot sex with your partner on Valentine’s Day – or any other day for that matter!

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Kit

Cosmopolitan – a popular love and sex magazine – has created a one of a kind sex games kit that includes several different games to play with your partner on Valentine’s Day (or whichever day you choose). Try a sexy scavenger hunt, dirty truth or dare, daring dice or sexy tarot cards. There are literally a dozen different games to choose from, so you and your lover definitely won’t get bored any time soon. Printed on super colorful cards, for $10, Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Kit is something you just can’t pass up.

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
List Price:$16.95
You Save:$1.62
Price Disclaimer

Pros: Inexpensive and you can use it over and over again

Cons: You’ll want to use it on more than just Valentine’s Day – but is that really a con?

Oral Sex Dice

Dice may seem played out when it comes to sex games, but Adam & Eve’s Oral Sex Dice will still help you turn up the heat in the bedroom with just a flick of your wrist this Valentine’s Day. Instead of just heading south of the border to give your partner some oral sex, throw these dice around and see where else you can put your mouth and tongue to titillate your lover. Great for couples or even threesomes or foursomes, they’re a super cheap (only $6!) way to make oral sex even steamier than before.

Pros: Super cheap way to spice up oral sex with your lover

Cons: These can only take you so far before you’ve exhausted all of the different options

Sex! Card Game

Another great yet inexpensive card style sex game can help you and your partner ramp up your sex life and get you both hungry for more. The Sex! Card Game focuses mostly on sex positions, but is color coded according to foreplay ideas, scorching hot sex positions and much more in between. Play fun games like Fortune Teller, Lover’s Libido or Ultimate Fantasy! Again, just $10 gets you the deck of cards and a night full of unlimited passion!

Pros: Inexpensive card games are an easy way to light the fire under your sexual imagination on Valentine’s Day

Cons: There really are a lot of card style sex games out there, isn’t there?

Silver Beaded Rope And Whip

Take your bondage fantasies to the next level with a gorgeous silver beaded rope and whip kit this Valentine’s Day. For only $20, you get the super fun silver beaded rope (which is great for experimenting with restraint in dozens of different sex positions), a matching whip to tease and titillate your partner, and a free love mask to blindfold your lover with and have your way with them. For the price, this is a really pretty kit that will be a great addition to your collection of sex toys.

Pros: A pretty beaded rope and sexy love mask may entice even the most conservative folks

Cons: The price is a little steep if you’re trying to go the cheap route

Sex Casino Game

For a totally different “spin” on sex games, try the Sex Casino Game from Adam & Eve. This cute little game clocks in at just $20 and includes a spinner, dice, sexual favor betting chips, scratch-off lotto tickets and a manual with 25 different sex games to try in the bedroom. You and your partner definitely won’t get bored with the Sex Casino Game, because there are so many different things to try. You’ll have fun staying up late and spinning, rolling and scratching to see who gets the biggest orgasm!

Pros: Different things to try all night long

Cons: Some of the items in this sex games kit are one time use only

Oral Sex Essentials Kit

Who doesn’t want a blowjob on Valentine’s Day? Make it hotter with the Oral Sex Essentials Kit, which includes desensitizing spray for deep throating, flavored lubes for both him and her, and BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy that pops and sizzles like Pop Rocks! At $15, you’re getting everything you need for an oral sex-fest that will make your partner squirm.

Pros: Lots of different items to try to see which you like best

Cons: If you want more stuff for her, try the Good Head Kit For Her too

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

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