Alone On Valentines Day? Hot Masturbation Tips For Him AND Her


Flying solo on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to spend the night moping around about how you’re not gettin’ any. Instead, why not plan to get some – with yourself? Plan an evening of pleasure for yourself, whether it’s watching your favorite porn flick or taking a hot bath and relaxing before breaking out a new vibrator. Here are some excellent ways you can get busy by yourself on Valentine’s Day!

Grab An Erotic Movie Or Book

For Him: Rent, buy or download a new porn with your favorite star in it, or indulge yourself in a fetish movie that you haven’t gotten around to checking out yet. Men love visual stimulation, so lock your doors and turn on the tube. You can also check out free porn on websites like YouPorn. Either way, just make sure you get your mind in the mood with whatever turns you on the most. Make sure you have your masturbation tools nearby in case you can’t hold out through the whole movie!

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For Her: Visit your local sex toy store for an erotic novel or two, or order them online. Heck, you can even find free erotic stories online with just a simple Internet search. While men are visual creatures and enjoy watching sex, most women prefer to have their imaginations stimulated with an erotic novel. Don’t just re-read one of your steamy romance novels though – this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something really naughty. You’ll be surprised at how much better your masturbation can be after just a few erotic stories!

Purchase A Sex Toy Just For The Occasion

For Him: There are a lot of guys out there that are still stuck in the hand and lotion “stone age.” There are lots of hot sex toys for boys available at both traditional sex toy stores and their online counterparts. Male sex toys come in a variety of different styles, colors, textures and sizes to accommodate every man’s desires. Masturbation sleeves are among the most popular sex toys for guys, whether it’s a “Fleshlight” modeled after a real vagina or a simple pink silicone sleeve that feels absolutely divine with a few squirts of lube. Consider purchasing a new sex toy before the big day and save it for that special night. You’ll feel the difference right away!

For Her: Thinking about busting out your tried and true vibrator for a quickie masturbation session on Valentine’s Day? Think again. Order a brand new dildo or bullet vibe (or whatever else tickles your fancy) and save it for the 14th.

Relax In A Hot Bath

For Him: You may think it’s sissy for guys to want to relax in a hot bath, but don’t underestimate the power that hot water, bubbles, steam and aromatherapy can do to relax your body and your mind. Especially if you’ve had a particularly long or difficult day at work, it’s important to clear your mind of everything that happened that day and start getting yourself in the mood and thinking about sex. Stroke yourself a few times in the bath, or think about something really arousing to get yourself ready.

For Her: Every woman loves a good, long soak in a hot bath. Take this to heart on Valentine’s Day and plan to take a long bath before your masturbation session. Make it special by adding some new, great smelling bath oils or salts, or light your favorite scented candles and add some rose petals to the water. The idea behind doing this on Valentine’s Day is to treat yourself right and make yourself feel special when you’re spending the evening alone. After your bath, make sure to put on some decadently rich body lotion and enjoy the feel of your silky smooth skin.

Go Slow And Take Your Time

For Him: Most of the time when guys masturbate, they do it in a hurry. As kids, guys had to “hurry up” before Mom came home, and even as adults, husbands have to “make it quick” before the wife catches them. If you’re spending February 14th by yourself, there’s no reason to rush your masturbation. Lock your doors, draw the blinds and take as much time with yourself as you need to make it really spectacular.

For Her: Some women naturally take their time during masturbation, simply because it takes several minutes for a woman to get warmed up, but others have got masturbation down pat and can reach orgasm in three minutes or less. If you’re used to quickie masturbation, make sure to slow it down on Valentine’s Day. This isn’t about “getting the job done” and masturbation doesn’t have to be a means to an end. Take time to enjoy yourself and really savor the way everything feels.

Multiple Orgasms? Yes, Please!

For Him: Can men really have multiple orgasms! Absolutely! While most men aren’t necessarily going to have multiple orgasms in quick succession like a woman can, most men can cool down in a period of about 15-25 minutes and get started again. Why not make Valentine’s Day night last all night long?

For Her: It’s a little easier for women to have multiple orgasms than it is for men. Women are like ovens – it takes some time for them to warm up but once they’re hot, they stay that way for a little while. When a woman reaches orgasm, she doesn’t go all the way back down to the starting point. She’s actually very close to having another. Take advantage of the way your body works and don’t stop after just the first orgasm. You may even want to try to have as many orgasms as you can – you might just set a Valentine’s Day record!

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