5 Cheap Valentine’s Day Surprises For Your Partner – For Under $10


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to surprise your partner with some amazing gifts, but does that mean you have to buy flowers, chocolate, champagne or jewelry to make the day special? Absolutely not! You can make Valentine’s Day the best one your lover’s ever had by being creative – and checking out these great ideas that your wallet will definitely appreciate.

Jar Of Hearts

Before Valentine’s Day, buy one of those huge jars of pickles from the grocery store and transfer the pickles into a large plastic container. Your shopping list should also include red or pink paint and red, pink and white construction paper. Yes, this is starting to sound like a kid’s Valentine’s Day craft project, but rest assured that your partner will absolutely love it when you’re done. Cut the construction paper into medium sized hearts, enough to fill the jar as full as you’d like – the fuller it is with paper hearts, the better. On each heart, you’re going to write something you love about your partner. Put all the hearts in the jar and swipe a layer or two of red or pink paint on the jar lid. Tie a red ribbon around the top for an extra-special touch. Leave it somewhere your lover will find it on Valentine’s Day!

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Project Estimate:

Pickle Jar $5, Construction Paper $3, Paint $1 = $9

Photo Montage

If you have a lot of photos of you and your significant other together, consider putting together a photo montage together for Valentine’s Day. There are lots of ways the end project can turn out, but you have to get your photo prints first. Most places (both online and off) will do a single 4×6″ photo print for about $0.08, but watch for special offers from online companies like Winkflash – where you can sometimes get 50 free prints and $0.99 shipping if you’re a new customer. Using an online photo printing company is also better if your pictures are in a digital format. Buy a poster size frame and a sheet of poster board, cutting the poster board to fit the frame. Glue the pictures to the poster board and mount in the frame. Voila! A sweet, thoughtful photo montage that will sweep your partner off their feet.

Project Estimate:

Frame $5, Poster Board $0.50, Glue $1, Photos $3 = $9.50

Sensual Massage

Women love getting massages, but coughing up $50 for a Valentine’s Day gift certificate for an hour long massage isn’t within a lot of guys’ February budgets. Try giving your partner a erotic massage yourself for Valentine’s Day instead! It’s a great gift because you can make it last as long as you want and it’s incredibly inexpensive. You probably want to splurge on some kind of scented or pheromone laced massage oil to set the mood and relax your partner, such as Adam & Eve’s Pheromone Massage Oil. Candles are optional but definitely well worth it if you decide to get them – you can often find a large bag of plain tea light candles at the dollar store. Imagine the romance you’ll create with a hundred tea light candles! Bonus points if it leads to sex!

Project Estimate:

Adam & Eve’s Pheromone Massage Oil $5 (50% off and free shipping with offer code DANJENN), Tea Lights $2 = $7

Dinner And A Movie – At Home

Instead of going out on Valentine’s Day, why not stay in? Plan a romantic candlelight dinner at home cooked by you, followed by a night of romantic movies (or whatever movies you and your partner enjoy most). Make whatever you were planning on making for dinner anyways, but spice it up by putting it on your best dinnerware and eating by candlelight at the table. Play some soft music and definitely don’t turn on the TV! Pop some microwave popcorn and rent a few movies from your local movie kiosk. Enjoy!

Project Estimate:

Taper Candles $3, Candle Holders $2, Movie Rentals $2 = $7

Balloon Notes

Buy a pack of Valentine’s Day themed balloons and some construction paper. Cut the construction paper out into hearts, making as many hearts as there are balloons. Write something you love about your partner on each heart and place it inside the balloon. Blow the balloon up and tie it off, writing “Pop Me” on the balloons with a Sharpie marker. Scatter the balloons all over your partner’s bedroom floor before they wake up in the morning and make sure you set the alarm a little earlier than usual so they have time to pop all the balloons and read your loving messages before heading to work for the day!

Project Estimate:

Construction Paper $3, Balloons $2.50, Sharpie Marker $1 = $6.50

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