How To Ask A Girl Out For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day sucks if you’re single. You definitely don’t want to be alone, hanging out at your house like you normally do every other day, while everyone else goes out and has fun with their significant other (or just an “other”) This year, commit to going out! Ask out the woman you’ve had your eye on for Valentine’s Day and you won’t be alone! Here’s how to do it.

Leave Roses And A Note In Her Car

Grab a bouquet of roses and write a simple note with your phone number on it. Plainly state, “I would love to take you out for Valentine’s Day. Give me a call!” Don’t be too lovey dovey or pushy in your note, because the flowers add enough intensity to this scenario – too much and you’ll scare her off.

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Also, meeting her at her car, say when she gets off work, with flowers and asking her out in person is also very sweet and acceptable. If you don’t want to get rejected in person and you think there’s a possibility of that, the note works well for that.

Send Flowers To Her Work

Flowers are an excellent way to get a lady to warm up to you, as long as they’re not too extravagant and obviously expensive. Bigger is not better here – however, taking note of her personal style and taste and selecting flowers that you genuinely believe she’ll like is. Take some time to select a nice bouquet with her favorite flowers and colors and have it delivered to her workplace.

You can put “from your secret admirer” if you like (this is almost always exciting for a woman, because in all honesty, it rarely ever happens for real) but make sure to include your phone number so she can get back to you. The great thing about sending it to work is that you’ll be making certain that all her work friends (and frienemies) see it. This will make her feel intensely special, and they’ll also put some good natured pressure on her to accept your offer.

Text Her To Meet You Somewhere Romantic

If you already have her phone number, this is an excellent way to meet her to ask her out in person. Send her a text asking her to meet you somewhere romantic – but not too romantic if you think it might scare her off. Meet at the park under your favorite tree, by a lake or river, or anywhere else nature can help you out a little.

If your local grocery store has a large Valentine’s Day section – may of them inflate balloons and let them float up to the ceiling, creating an entire section of surreal pink and red floating ribbon – you can meet there (this really only works if the atmosphere is super appealing).

In A Scavenger Hunt

Send your potential date on a scavenger hunt, with lots of little notes that lead either to another note with a big reveal or you, holding flowers. Make sure the “gold at the end of the rainbow” is fun and exciting enough to have made it worth the hunt. Just use your creativity for this one!

Use the notes to write fun clues as to where to find the next clues. With each note, include something small, like a rose petal (to indicate that the big reveal might include roses) or candy. When she reaches the reveal, either use a note to ask her out for Valentine’s Day, or do it in person. Again, don’t put too much pressure on her to respond. Have a card in your pocket with your phone number on it that you can pull out and say, “Think about it and call me if you’re interested” if she chokes.

Remember, if she seems uncomfortable or reluctant at all, you want to use the card. You may still get turned down, but there’s a good chance she was just nervous or didn’t know what to say or do when put on the spot like that. If you slip her your number and allow her some time to calm down and think about what happened, you give her a reprieve.

If you don’t, she is much more likely to turn you down because she felt uncomfortable. If you do, you’ll increase your chances of her calling you and letting you know that she really loved what you did, but was really nervous and shy while it was happening.

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