How To Buy Erotic Lingerie For Valentine’s Day


Erotic lingerie makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. It’s fun, sexy and will make her feel like a million bucks! Unfortunately, buying lingerie for your lover isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It’s easy to get the wrong size or buy something that doesn’t flatter your partner at all. Here is a simple erotic lingerie buying guide so you can get her something that will not only look great on her, but will also be something that she feels super sexy wearing!

If She Has A Large Bust

If your partner has a large bust, it may be difficult to find lingerie with an underwire bra that will accomodate her. Often, lingerie bust sizes are a little different from regular bra sizes, so the underwire may not fit right at all. Choose something without wire at all and better yet, without cups too! Even if the erotic lingerie has a “line” where the fabric of the bust meets the rest of the fabric, it still may not fit right on her – for example the “line” that should sit underneath her breasts may sit on top of them or in the middle, making  it look disproportionate.

If She Has A Large Tummy

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Many women are self conscious about their stomachs, especially if they’ve had children. If this is your partner’s “trouble spot,” select erotic lingerie this Valentine’s Day that doesn’t show her midriff. Babydoll teddies are perfect for this, because they boast a layer or two of chiffon that is attached to the bottom of the bust and flows gently over the stomach area.

If She Has A Large Butt

If your lover doesn’t like the size of her butt (even if you do!) don’t purchase lingerie with a thong. Wearing a thong may make her feel as though her worst aspects are on display for everyone to see. Instead, choose panties that have a full rear. You may be thinking “granny panties,” but boy shorts or cheekies are actually incredibly sexy and will make her feel sexy too. You may even be able to get crotchless panties that allow for easier access to oral sex!

If She Has Large Thighs

While a lot of men really enjoy seeing their woman wear garter belts and thigh high stockings (especially on Valentine’s Day), a woman with larger thighs may not appreciate wearing them at all. Most thigh high stockings come in one size only, and may cut into the tops of her thighs creating a “muffin top” sort of look. Even if it looks fine to you, she may still be very self conscious about it. Instead, choose  erotic lingerie that reaches her knees or ankles, such as a piece with a long skirt or one that looks more like a dress but has a sexy slit up the side. You may be able to choose something that covers her thighs but accentuates her breasts to make her feel great about herself and still give you a show!

If Her Breasts Are Small

If she has small breasts, an underwire bra is your best bet. Simply check the size of her bras at home and get lingerie that is closest to that size. Even padded or push up bras are appropriate in this case – as long as it accentuates what she’s got and doesn’t cover it up. Avoid purchasing anything with too much padding, even if her breasts are very, very small. She’ll feel like you think she doesn’t have anything up there at all! If you pick the right lingerie, she’ll feel great strutting around you on Valentine’s Day with a delectable cleavage and you’ll certainly enjoy the way she looks too!

If Her Legs Are Short

No matter what type of erotic lingerie you buy for her this Valentine’s Day, if she has short legs, make sure you pick out a pair of stilettos or high heels to go with it. You don’t necessarily have to get the super tall ones that strippers wear (unless she’s worn them before and knows how to use them without breaking her neck) but anything with at least a three or four inch heel will make her look and feel tall and sexy.

If She’s Fit

If your partner is fit and looks great in just about anything, your job really is easy this Valentine’s Day. You can pretty much buy any erotic lingerie and she’ll feel good in it. Just pay attention to her attitude and if she’s a more demure kind of girl, don’t go out and get something super slutty (unless you’ve discussed the idea with her beforehand). Alternatively, if she’s a kinky gal, lingerie that covers everything up just won’t do.

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