Q&A: Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

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Getting a gift for your guy on Valentine’s Day is tricky business. Girls are easy to buy for – chocolates, flowers, jewelry. Cliche? Yes, but when have women ever not liked flowers or jewelry? Men, on the other hand, are a little bit tougher to buy for. So here are some great ideas for what to get him this Valentine’s Day – because YOU asked!

I have a question – what gifts do guys like to get for Valentine’s Day?

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  • Sexy Lingerie. Every guy loves seeing his woman in negligee. Make sure to find some that fits you – you want to look good and feel confident. Feel like you have a muffin top in the garter belt? Try a sweet, lacy babydoll instead. Your confidence is what makes it the sexiest.
  • Have A Wild, Sexy Night. No good girls allowed! Be naughty, but definitely don’t be nice! Take this one night to let the wild girl inside you go.
  • Try A Sex Game. Ever played a sex game before? They’re fun, and downright kinky at times. A sex game will not only take the guesswork out of what to do next, it keeps the night full of fresh, sexy ideas so you and your partner will never get bored.
  • Sext Him. It’s Valentine’s Day, so sex is pretty much in the bag, right? Sure, but why not titillate him all day with racy text messages about what you’re going to do to him when you finally get him home alone? He’ll be so hot by the time he walks in the door, he won’t be able to help but jump all over you.
  • Send Him A Racy Photo. One of the great things about cell phones is that the majority of them have a picture app. Take a racy (or raunchy, depending on how you guys like it) photo of yourself and send it to him as a surprise, given that you are18 or older. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you all day! Bonus points if you take a photo of yourself in the new lingerie you bought for the occasion.
  • Fulfull His Deepest, Wildest Fantasy. Yes, your man has a fantasy. Has he told you about it yet? Probably not. If you can get him to divulge, let him know that this Valentine’s Day, his fantasies are going to come true. This may take some advance planning though, especially if it involves costumes and the like.
  • Do A Sexy Striptease. Every guy loves a good striptease. Give him one like he would get at the club. Don’t know how to dance? No problem. A little writhing and grinding while he’s sitting in a chair is just as good.
  • Get Him A Cool New Gadget. Is your guy a techie? How about getting him the latest gadget for his phone or laptop?
  • Get Him Tickets To See His Favorite Team Play. If your guy is a sports buff, game tickets are a shoe-in.
  • Give Him A Really Awesome Blowjob. What man doesn’t LOVE a good blowjob? None. Not one. So get some flavored lube and give your guy a fabulous one. Make the night all about him. He’ll go absolutely nuts!

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