Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day That He Will Love


Romantic date ideas are usually what guys plan for their girlfriends or wives for Valentine’s Day. However, if you would like to do something romantic that won’t get an eye roll from your partner, you might need a little help. If you have ever taken your boyfriend or husband to the ballet you’ve probably seen them groan or nod off for the entire duration. Choosing a fun, romantic date that your partner will actually enjoy is essential to keeping them engaged while feeding your need for romance. Here are a few romantic date ideas that he will love for Valentine’s Day.

Small Italian Restaurants

Almost everybody loves Italian food. Guys love the meaty red sauces, the filling pastas and the garlic bread. If you want to make the night romantic, try to find an Italian place around your area that is off the beaten path. These are usually found inside the city on a corner or hidden among other stores. Having a back table in a small Italian restaurant will get the romance started quickly. He’ll love the menu and love you for suggesting something new for the relationship. Make it a formal affair and dress up for the night to add more of an edge to your romantic date idea.


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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like sleeping under the stars. If you’re looking for some quality time with your guy, consider camping. Roughing it in the woods and cuddling next to a campfire can easily make for excellent romantic date ideas! Although this is more of a trip, you can make it a date that lasts until the next morning. Instead of using two different sleeping bags, use one as your base and then cuddle with the other one on top of the two of you. Look at the stars and spend the night talking about the future for some easy romance.

Double Dating

Double dating is one of the best romantic date ideas ever! Going out on a double date with your guy and another couple can lead to great conversation and a lot of fun on Valentine’s Day. Choose a night where you want to go out with another couple and make it a little more formal than a regular dinner and a movie. Get dressed up to the point that he would rather stay in the bedroom than go out with another couple. Touch his leg throughout the dinner to make the evening more romantic. When the bill comes, let him pay for you. This time honored tradition will make him feel like a man and can definitely end on a romantic note.

Local Theater

Although your guy undoubtedly doesn’t understand the ballet, he probably wouldn’t mind a trip to the local theater. Local theaters are dirt-cheap and usually have pretty good shows. Check your local theater for shows that are coming up so you and your guy can make plans. Have dinner beforehand and go out for a drink after the show has finished. Local theater will give you all of the aspects of a real Broadway show without the pricey tickets. Choose a show that you think he will like, but will also give you some romance. There are staples of local theater so try to pick a show that you have heard of. If you are not really a theater guru, check local reviews and go from there.

Make A Day Of It

Dates tend to focus on the night rather than the day. If you want to really have a romantic date, try to have a romantic day. Start in the morning with breakfast in bed with your guy or by going out to your favorite eatery. Spend the day shopping together or running errands around town. Running errands together or shopping for a new outfit that he likes can be very romantic. Decide on somewhere to eat dinner or buy something to cook together that night. Finish your day off by cuddling on the couch and watching a movie together. The keyword throughout all of this was “together.” Make sure that you’re not dragging him around to something that is going to be excruciating. He’s a guy so leave some of your more effeminate errands for a later date.

Romantic date ideas don’t have to be some Hollywood representation of chivalry. Romance for a guy is totally different than romance for you. Although the two can intersect at points, it might be hard to tread the line. It’s important to do something that you want to do also, so don’t make the date all about him. Romantic dates don’t even have to leave you home. Follow these suggestions or make a few tweaks to have a great romantic date.

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