Sexy Valentine’s Day Idea – Fun In The Tub


Picking a present for your honey on Valentine’s Day is tough. Especially if you want to do something fun and sexy for them instead of getting chocolates, flowers or pink teddy bears. So here’s a great idea for this Valentine’s Day – get hot, get wet and get in the tub with some brand-spanking-new sex toys for a night of soapy fun!


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Spending a lot of money on jewelry for your partner or buying an expensive gift is way – way – overrated. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the fact that you and your partner are together and in love – so why throw money away on a gift just to say you did something for Valentine’s Day? Why not spend time with your partner and enjoy being together alone? Most couples don’t get a lot of alone time these days, especially if they have children together. Take some time out on Valentine’s Day to make love – and be in love!

Check In To Fun

Get away from the house for a night and check into a hotel, even if it’s just across the street from where you live. Different surroundings will definitely set the mood for a night of fun and romance. Just one thing the hotel must have? A Jacuzzi or a garden tub in the room. This Valentine’s Day you’re going to have fun in the tub – but not just any old tub and certainly not the tub you take showers in and bathe the kids in every day. How romantic is stepping on a wet Barbie doll while you’re trying to get it on?

Set the ambiance in the hotel by purchasing some nice smelling bath additive that is safe for hot tubs, light some candles (or use safer LED candles) and bring strawberries and champagne. Or cheeses and champagne. Or a decadent dessert and champagne. Get the picture? Bring champagne. Just make sure that whatever you bring to eat isn’t going to sit heavy on the stomach and make you want to nap instead of play. Also, bring something to do. Cards for strip poker, a sexy movie to watch or anything that sparks your interest. You don’t want to get through the door, put your bags down and say, “Okay, are you ready to have tub sex now?” Make it more interesting than that.

Foreplay In The Tub

Make sure that you’re also well prepared for having fun in the tub. Waterproof vibrators are always fun, especially if this fabulous Valentine’s Day occasion will be their maiden voyage. Sexy bathtub games are fun too and are great at keeping things from getting boring too quickly. There are a wide variety of fun, sexy toys that can be used in – and out – of the bathtub to make this Valentine’s Day a great one. Being prepared with fun things to do in the tub and lots of sexy foreplay ideas will help make the night memorable instead of quick and dirty. Remember, it’s all about having a great time and enjoying being with your partner!

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