Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas – Sexy Games for Couples


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and couples who are ready to have some hot, sexy fun just can’t get enough creative ideas to get their juices flowing! This year, make Valentine’s Day special for your significant other, spouse or partner by trying out a few sexy games for couples. Here are some great ideas!


Trying New Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is all about going outside your box. Doing something exciting or something outside the norm of your sexual routine will help make this V-Day one that you and your partner will remember forever! Use this opportunity to get a little crazy or kinky, wear something you wouldn’t normally wear or do something you wouldn’t normally do. A great “game” to play is using a “fantasy box.” You can use a plain box if you like, or decorate it in sexy lace and marabou, but whatever you do, the concept is the same. You and your partner will write several of your fantasies down on a piece of paper and on Valentine’s Day, pull a few out of the box. Sharing your fantasies this way will help you and your partner be more open to each other’s fantasies, as well as help keep you or your partner from being as embarrassed about sharing your fantasies if you were to confess them out loud.

Fun Games To Try

A great way to spice up your Valentine’s Day night is to paint each other’s bodies. Get creative with this one. Use fun, brightly colored edible body paint, or just finger paints from the store. Use chocolate sauce or caramel for something extra sweet. Have fun painting it on, and then lick or wash all the paint or sauce off sensually. A sexy card game is always in style, and will have you and your partner communicating about your sexual desires in no time. This is a great game to play if you and your partner have trouble talking to each other about sex and what you do or don’t like in bed. Another classic Valentine’s Day game is strip poker, and while the original version is great, some of the newer styles of strip poker are incredibly fun! Some versions of strip poker actually have colored chips that have ideas of fun and sexy activities on them, as opposed to simply removing your clothes. You have to bet what you’re willing to do!

Be Open And Ready For Anything

When planning a special night with your partner, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other night, your attitude is one of the most important things to consider. Having an open mind and being ready for some sexy, spur of the moment fun will help make your night special.

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