Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Valentine’s Day


Sex toys are a great gift for Valentine’s Day – they let your partner know that you want to do naughty things with them all night long! Picking the best one for your partner (or for both of you) doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, shopping for them can be as much fun as the sex itself! You and your lover can shop together or you can pick a special gift out for her to use alone or with you. Here are the top 5 best Valentine’s Day sex toys – choose one or more for a night full of passion and explosive orgasms!

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift because it is something that will not only titillate you and your partner tonight, they can help make your sex life better in the long run too. Ben Wa balls are small ball-shaped sex toys that are inserted into the vagina and held there. This will exercise the kegel muscles (the muscles used to stop the flow of urine). They can enhance g-spot orgasms during oral sex and will help tighten a woman’s vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms. With regular use, Ben Wa balls can make sex feel like the first time all over again! The weighted spheres are inexpensive and can be made out of a variety of different materials including glass or silicone. Some are available with vibration to make the experience extra special!

Glass Sex Toys

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Glass sex toys and are beautiful works of art in their own right – and they make excellent Valentine’s day gifts for your lover to use alone or for you to use together as a couple. Many glass pieces don’t even look like sex toys at all – they could be easily mistaken for a gorgeous glass sculpture or a paperweight. Only you and your partner will know what it’s really being used for! The best part of using a glass piece is that it holds temperature really well. If you want to experiment with heat and cold during sex, glass is the way to go. They are also very easy to clean and last a long time because the material is hard, smooth and doesn’t break down easily over time.

Prostate Massage

What better day than Valentine’s Day to try something new? If you’ve never tried prostate massage (and you’re a guy) you’re in for a real treat. You have to get over the initial apprehension of anal play, but after you’ve gotten used to it, you can experience wilder, more explosive orgasms than you’ve ever had before. If this is your first time trying prostate massage, start with small anal sex toys and work your way up to the bigger ones. Always make sure that any anal sex toy that you use has a wide, flared base on the bottom (a ring also works well) to prevent it from getting lost in the anal cavity and garnering you a trip to the emergency room. If you’re nervous about trying prostate massage for the first time in front of a partner, try a toy that is easy to use on your own during masturbation. Then work your way up to doing it with your lover.

Sex Swings

Sex swings will allow you to get into tons of different sex positions quickly and easily, making sex this Valentine’s Day super hot! Sex swings allow you or your partner to get into the more difficult sex positions without straining your neck, back or legs and can be used for intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. If you have a lot of space (and a lot of money to spend) try the stand alone love swing – the swing is mounted on a large metal four-legged stand. If you live in a small home or apartment or want to save a little money, try the over-the-door sex swing instead.

Bondage Kits

If you want to try a little bondage, try using a pre-made bondage kit. Usually these come with paddles, fuzzy handcuffs, feather ticklers, blindfolds and the like. Some of them are even made with soft heart shaped paddles and heart pillows, making them a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Surprise your partner with a bondage kit and tell her that you’re going to tie her up and have her way with her – after she has her way with you! A little light BDSM and bondage can go a long way in making it a night you and your lover are going to remember for a long time to come.

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