Top 6 Valentine’s Day Sex Positions


Valentine’s Day is all about trying new things, and new sex positions are at the top of the list for a steamy evening that will last long into the night! Try these amazing new sex positions (that’s right, you’ve probably never tried them before) and create a Valentine’s Day that you and your partner will never, ever forget!

Bended Knee

This sex position isn’t difficult to do, but it may require a hard surface such as the floor or a very firm bed. Face your partner while sitting up on your knees. The man will lift one of his knees so that it makes a 90 degree angle and his foot is on the floor. He will be resting most of his weight on his other knee, which is still on the bed or floor. The woman will lift her leg and drape it over her partner’s thigh (the one he lifted up) and both partners will bring their groins together. This amazing sex position allows for face to face contact (which is important on Valentine’s Day) and gives the sensation of standing up without either partner having to hold the other up.

Sit & See

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Have the man sit on the edge of a bed or couch with his feet touching the floor. His partner will straddle him while facing him and insert his penis into her vagina. This sounds like a regular sitting position, but the fun part is yet to come (no pun intended). The woman will then lean back, holding on to her partner’s hands to keep her balance. If she has a hard time doing this, she can pull an ottoman or other object over to the bed to lay back on for more support. This amazing sex position is a great Valentine’s Day gift for the man because he is able to completely view her entire body, which is stretched out for him to marvel at and play with.

Reverse Doggy Style

Feeling a bit more like having kinky sex this Valentine’s Day? Try the reverse doggy style position, which is actually better suited for anal sex than vaginal penetration. The woman gets on her hands and knees and lifts her rear in the air, just as though she were getting ready for the regular doggy style sex position. However, instead of facing her, the man will face away from her and lower his penis into her from above. This is one of the more difficult sex positions to achieve, and he may have more luck by facing a little bit to the side rather than directly behind her. He can then use his hands to finger her g-spot or clitoris!

Spooning Blowjob

Valentine’s Day just isn’t fun without a little bit of oral sex involved. For an intense blowjob, have a man lie on his side on the bed. The woman will then lay at a 90 degree angle, placing her head in between his legs. Her legs will be behind him. This will afford the woman a little bit more comfort during the blowjob, as she will be able to rest her head on his thigh as she performs fellatio. This can get a little kinky if both partners are into it – the man can grab his partner’s head and thrust into her mouth as she goes down on him. Don’t be afraid to prop yourself up with pillows to provide more support.

68 – For Her

It’s just as important for her to get oral sex this Valentine’s Day as it is for him. In this titillating sex position, the man can focus totally on her pleasure – and get a little kinky if he wants! The man will lay on his back, as though he were preparing to sixty-nine. The woman will then lie down on top of him with her vagina towards his face. Instead of lying with her stomach touching his stomach like in the traditional sixty-nine position, she will lie with her back to his stomach and the back of her head will be resting in his groin area. This affords him total access to her vagina and clitoris, and if both partners are into analingus, this can easily be done in this position also.

Sybian-Style Cowgirl

Every girl loves the cowgirl position because it gives her more control over her pleasure and orgasm. This particular sex position gives the woman even more control, because she can use her legs more easily to thrust up and down against her partner’s penis. Have your partner lie down with his back on an ottoman and his feet on the floor. The woman will then straddle her partner, with one leg on each side of her partner and her feet on the floor. This is an amazing sex position for g-spot orgasms!

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