10 Really Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Valentine’s Day is traditionally a “date night” for most couples, but don’t do something cliche this year. Get creative and do something really fun and exciting that will make your partner feel super special! Forget about dinner and a movie – check out these brand new Valentine’s Day date ideas!

1. Surprise Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

The idea itself has been done before, but this is where you have to use your imagination to take it to a whole new level. Don’t have cash? Grab McDonald’s – and a few candles from the dollar store. Have a romantic dinner by candlelight! If you cook something yourself, why not use red and pink food coloring to make it a Valentine’s Day delight? Seriously. Just use your brain!

2. Charity Work

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This is another excellent idea if you don’t have a lot of cash this year to blow on romantic dinners and dates. Take some time out of your day to deliver inexpensive Valentines to the elderly at a nursing home, or the cancer ward of the hospital. Even better if you live near a large hospital like St. Jude’s that has a children’s wing. Wherever you choose to go, spend the day with your honey making the lives of others just a little brighter!

3. Painting Together

Grab some inexpensive painting supplies from your local hobby store and set out to paint pictures for each other. If you’re inept at drawing, try abstract painting. Or, watch a few Bob Ross episodes before you get going. It’s actually not too difficult to paint those happy little trees, after all! Have a blast painting with each other and present your gifts to each other at the end of the day.

4. Totally Decked Out Romantic Space

Surprise your girl (this one doesn’t work too well for guys, sorry!) with a totally decked out romantic space. this can be the bathroom if you want to give her a romantic bubble bath and an erotic massage, or it can be the bedroom if you’re planning a night of hot passion. Red sheets and a satiny comforter? Yes. So many balloons you can no longer see the ceiling or floor. Yes. Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and roses by the bed? Yes!

5. Picnic And Dancing In A Field

If the weather is nice on Valentine’s Day, you can pack up a picnic and head out to an empty field. Once you finish the meal, you can open the doors and windows of the car and play music. Have fun dancing and rolling around in the grass with each other! If you’re really secluded, you might even want to have sex right there in the middle of nowhere!

6. Candlemaking

This is definitely a unique idea that really isn’t done often enough – probably because the thought of candlemaking with a girl makes any man’s insides squirm. But in all honesty, candlemaking is actually a really cool date. If you have somewhere in your town that has candlemaking classes, this is an excellent choice. If not, head over to your local craft store, pick up the supplies and do it at home. It’s actually really fun, your girl will love it, and the candles actually end up being pretty good if you use quality supplies.

7. Picnic With A Twist

A lot of couples don’t have picnics because who wants sandwiches? It’s not like that’s a super exciting cuisine, anyways. But head out anyways and have a picnic with a twist. Have a pizza or Chinese food delivered to wherever you’re at! This is easiest at a public place you know is in their delivery area, like a park with tables. It’s still pretty inexpensive as meals go, and it will be way more fun than just ordering a pizza at home.

8. Ice Cream “Social”

Go out for dinner, but plan to have the dessert at home. Grab all the fixin’s for ice cream sundaes (the more decked out the better) and have an “ice cream social” at your house after dinner. If you want to take this to a really special level, head to your local “paint it yourself” pottery store and paint her a sweet ice cream dish. She can take it home as her gift after the “social!”

9. Wii Competition

Lots of girls are competitive. Plan a simple date night by having a Wii championship. Choose whatever game your partner feels like they’re best at, and make sure to win a few times but ultimately end up losing the championship to her (make it believable!) Ideally, you’ll have both set a “winner takes all” wager, and she’ll get either great sex or a lifetime of servitude.

10. At Your Service

If you can’t plan something really special for Valentine’s Day, have a normal night at home. It won’t be a normal night though – you’re going to make her feel like a princess! Wait on her hand and foot, clean up the house, fix her dinner and give her an incredible foot or back massage afterwards. For the entire evening, she is to be treated like royalty. It’s a very special and fun Valentine’s Day date that doesn’t cost a thing!

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