3 Scorching Hot Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time to heat things up! While your girl probably wants things to be ultra romantic, you’re ready to set your sex life on fire. Here are some excellent sexy suggestions to get you started spicing things up!

Blindfold, Restrain And Feed Her

This is a great sex game to play on Valentine’s Day because you can do it so many different ways and you really don’t need a lot of “props” – most of what you’ll use is stuff you already have or can get easily, say at the grocery store. You can also get as kinky as you want with this fantasy! If you and your lover are into BDSM and kink, feel free to take the bondage aspect a little farther with more hardcore restraints. If you’re just a beginner, a tame blindfold and silk ties are just as effective.

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Grab some sensual foods such as wine, cheese and rich desserts and take your time slowly feeding them to her. Chocolate dipped strawberries and other berries work well too. Whatever you choose, select something with a lot of flavor. You’ll really wow her this way because when she’s blindfolded, her other senses automatically heighten. So her sense of smell and taste will be at a much higher level than when she has her eyes open. Be creative and have fun with it!

Get Out Of The House!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just do the same old thing in the bedroom like you do every time you and your lover have sex. Instead, venture outside the house (or at least outside the bedroom doors if you never do it in your kitchen or living room) and change up your location. Even if you use the same moves and techniques as you always do, the new location will provide new sights, smells and sensations that enhance the experience.

You can be creative with this also. Do you have an exhibitionist fantasy? Try having sex in a public place and try not to get caught! Going on a road trip? Pull over and get it on in the back seat. Shopping for some Valentine’s Day lingerie? See how quiet you can be when you have sex in the lingerie store dressing room. If you’re very quiet and very quick, you probably won’t get caught – and you’ll get to test drive the lingerie  too! (Note: If you do “test drive” the lingerie, buy it afterwards. Don’t hang it back up. Just don’t.)

Do Something You Don’t Normally Do

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to break out some techniques or activities that you don’t normally engage in. Your partner is expecting some really good sexy time, so use this to your advantage and try something that you’ve been really dying to try or do something that you’ve never done before. Never tried kink or bondage? Splurge on a beginner’s bondage kit and see if you and your lover like tying each other up and doing naughty things to each other.

Another great way to do something you don’t normally do without stepping too far outside your (or your partner’s) comfort zones is to put a new twist on something you and your partner really enjoy doing. For example, if you both really get off on oral sex, try the sixty nine oral sex position so you both can receive pleasure at the same time. What makes this such an excellent idea is that you get more intimacy because both of you are receiving pleasure simultaneously and it feels new and exciting while comforting at the same time because it’s not something totally weird and freaky that you’ve never tried.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, just make sure to get creative, use your imagination and go a little bit outside the box. Don’t just do flowers and jewelry with no personal touch. If you get jewelry, make sure it’s a stone that has sentimental value to her. If you get flowers, make sure they’re her favorites. If you buy her dinner, do it at the new restaurant she’s been aching to try.

When you have sex on Valentine’s Day, make sure to take it to the next level. If you’ve never given her an orgasm before, take the time to learn how to do it and REALLY surprise her this evening! If you allow yourself to get really creative, there’s no limit to how special you can make this Valentine’s Day!

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