Valentine’s Day – 5 Romantic Ideas To Make It Extra Special


Valentines Day can be nerve wracking if you’re not sure what to get your partner as a gift. Sure, you can buy jewelry, plan a romantic dinner and do the whole flowers and chocolate thing, or you can plan something much more loving and romantic that will literally blow your lover away with your thoughtfulness. Check out these great romantic Valentines Day ideas and surprise your lover with something much more than a simple gift!


Arrange For Both Of You To Take The Day Off

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Surprise your honey on Valentines Day with a day off for both of you – but arrange for her day off with her boss in private so she doesn’t know about it. Make breakfast for her in the morning and let her know that she doesn’t have to go in to work, and then spend the day going out on a date, having lunch, shopping or catching a new movie together at the theater. Whatever it is that you and your partner enjoy doing, spend the Valentines Day doing it together and take the opportunity to bond and reconnect.

12 Days Of Valentines

You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas, right? Take that concept and apply it to Valentines Day this year. For the twelve days leading up to Valentines Day, give your partner small gifts on every day, saving the biggest and best gift for the 14th. The gifts can be small or large, depending on your budget. Small gifts work just as well if you aren’t able to spend a lot of money, because the idea behind this “gift” is that you’re showing your partner that you’re thinking of them every day for twelve days! The gifts can be flowers and chocolate, kisses, cards, letters, etc. Just use your imagination! The idea is to celebrate your love for twelve consecutive days, regardless of which gifts you choose to give on those days.

Plan A Getaway

If you have the money to spend, plan a short getaway with your partner for the weekend or just for a couple days. Go somewhere warm and sunny just when it’s coldest outside, or if you enjoy the cold, rent a cabin in the mountains and spend a few days snuggling by a fire and tearing up the ski slopes. Even if you don’t have the budget for an entire weekend trip, plan a night out at a hotel in your town or a nearby town. You’d be surprised at how even just one single night at a hotel and just getting out of the house on Valentines Day can make a huge difference in how hot your sex life is! Plan for an awesome night, try new sex positions or even play a few sex games that will get you and your lover’s blood boiling for each other.

Bring Back The Mix Tapes

Remember back in the day when you would make a mix tape for someone you cared about and give it to them as a gift? Bring that idea back this Valentines Day, but do it in an updated way. Buy your partner a nice MP3 player and load it up full of your favorite songs. Make sure you fill it with songs that mean something to the two of you, especially if you have a song that you both consider as being “your song.” Wrap the MP3 player up and gift it to your lover to show them how much you really love them!

Rent An Inflatable Hot Tub

If you think you can’t afford a hot tub or have to rent a hotel with a jacuzzi in the room just to get your bubbly on this Valentines Day, think again! Lots of cities have places where you can rent an inflatable hot tub, even just for a few nights! Set up the inflatable hot tub in the middle of your living room or bedroom (or on the back deck, or wherever you have space) and surround it with hundreds of candles or sparkling lights. If you have two stories, make sure you find space on the bottom floor of your house or apartment to set up the hot tub to make sure there aren’t any huge accidents. Share a great conversation with your lover in the hot tub while sipping champagne and feeding each other chocolate, strawberries or your other favorite sexy foods. If you plan on having sex in the hot tub, make sure you use silicone lube – water based lube isn’t going to hold up for very long in the water because it rinses right off!

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