5 Sexy Homemade Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you’re short on cash, homemade gift ideas are your best bet. They’re sweet and romantic, without breaking the bank. Plus, a homemade gift is much more special than any store bought one. Here are five you don’t want to pass up on.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

No, you don’t have to make a trip to your local gourmet chocolate store and spend a ton of money to get a nice box of chocolate covered strawberries. These are easy to make at home and can be easily dressed up for Valentine’s Day with an inexpensive box and some tissue paper.

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If you do have some money to spend, you definitely want to go quality here. Get quality, organic strawberries and high quality melting chocolate. Simply dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate and set on a piece of wax paper. Refrigerate until they’re hardened and then arrange them in your decorative box. Voila! Way better than any box of chocolates you buy at the store.

If you want to get creative, look up some recipes on how to use white and milk chocolate together. When you gift them to your partner, make sure to include eating them sensually with a bottle of inexpensive champagne. That’s the best part of all!

Budoir Photos

Get your digital camera and take some sexy photos of yourself in lingerie and then again, in various stages of undress. If you have a friend that you trust to do this, employ them to help you so you can get some better quality photos. Upload them to a free online video editor (or a really good program if you happen to have one, but free editors are good too) and fix blemishes, add a filter if you like or even make it black and white for a really great look.

Once they’re done, print them out on a home photo printer (no, these aren’t ones you can send to your local photo developer) and either frame a few of your favorites or put them in a special book for your lover. If you don’t have a photo printer, make a digital collage and send it to him with a sexy email. He will love being able to look at you instead of porn when he’s feeling randy. Of course, he’ll still look at porn too, but your photos are likely going to be his special favorite.

Sex Coupons

Sex coupons are always in style and extremely easy and inexpensive to make for Valentine’s Day. You can grab some construction paper, markers and glitter from the store if you want to go all out, or you can simply type them out, throw a few cute clip art photos on there and print them. Either way, sex coupons are an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of funds for the big day. Just make sure you actually follow through whenever your man wants to redeem them.

If he wants to redeem a coupon for a 30 minute long blowjob and you say you’ve got a headache, it’s like you’ve taken his gift back to the store, just before he got to open it. So go through with whatever you put on your coupons, whenever your guy redeems them. Headache or not.

Cook A Delectable, Candlelit Dinner

You don’t have to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to brave the crowds or don’t have the cash for a decent reservation. Plan a meal that you can cook, and set the table. Most people actually don’t eat at the dining room table, so if you set the table with candles and everything, it’s going to seem almost – almost – like you’re at a restaurant. If you can’t cook, order out! Just make sure you’re sitting across the table from your beau without the distraction of the television, your phones, the computer, etc. To make it sexy, try cooking and eating while completely naked. Or, let him eat dinner off you.

A Sexy Treasure Hunt

Make your man go on a treasure hunt – with you as the treasure! Leave post-its with dirty messages on them, or rose petals leading from the door all the way to the bedroom. Use your creativity to come up with a fun way for him to find you, so long as you’re waiting for him either naked or dressed in something very, very sexy. He will love the suspense of looking for you, only to find you ready and waiting for him!

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