6 Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Guy


Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re the only one who gets presents. Here are six excellent suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts for your fella.

Choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner might seem like a daunting task. Finding the right balance of love and necessity is essential to giving him a gift that he will not only love, but use. February 14th is geared more toward women, but men can easily feel left out when their significant other does not reciprocate with a present.

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If you’re stressed for ideas, we have a couple of suggestions. When it comes to guys, you either want to give him something that will improve his life, or get him turned on. For women, Valentine’s Day gifts are usually about flash. This is different for men.

1. Gift Cards

Yes, they are one of the most impersonal Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give anybody. However, giving a guy a gift card allows him to choose something that he would like. Gift cards to electronics stores or sporting goods stores are the best because even if he doesn’t need something, there’s always something that he will want. If you want to make it a little more personal, buy a card and tell him how much you love him in the card.

2. Tools

What guy wouldn’t love a new set of tools as his Valentines Day gifts? Tools are a great gift for guys because it helps them feel manly. If your guy has been eyeing a new power saw or belt sander, consider what he could be doing around the house for you once he has them.

Men like to fix things and they are usually pretty good at it. Why not give him the gift of repair with a brand new power tool? Ask him what he needs and then sneakily go to the hardware store on your way home from work. You will put a smile on his face and he’ll have a great Valentine’s Day.

3. Lingerie

Men love women who dress up for them in the bedroom. If you have some ratty old lingerie that you never wear anymore, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Head out to your favorite lingerie store and buy an outfit that you know he will love.

Men love women in black, red and white lingerie so try a few different outfits on. After you have dinner, go to the bathroom and change. Walk into the living room to deliver your present to him. He will not only be surprised, he will be grateful that you’ve done something he’s been wanting for a long time.

4. Sporting Goods

Every guy has a sport that he loves. Whether he’s a tennis freak or plays in a soccer league, you can easily get on his good side this Valentine’s Day with some new sporting goods. Ask him a month or so before Valentine’s Day if he needs a new racquet, shin guards or whatever is applicable to his sport.

Do your own research on the best equipment and consult some local sporting goods stores on what your guy will need. Don’t spend out of your budget, but get him something that will last.

5. A Trip

Have the two of you always wanted to go somewhere, but just couldn’t find the time? Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a map that has the route to the place you want to go traced out. This is a great delivery instead of just saying, “We’re headed to Vegas!”

Another way to do this is to give him an envelope with the receipt for the hotel reservations in it. When he opens the envelope, you will see wonderment that eventually turns to excitement. A trip is technically a gift for the both of you, but you taking the initiative to finally get around to it will be enough to give him an awesome Valentine’s Day.

6. Coupon Books

Coupon books have become a staple of Valentine’s Day, birthdays and other holiday events. If you haven’t given your boyfriend or husband a coupon book, it is a cheap and easy way to make him happy. Create a coupon book online or with construction paper for different things you know he likes.

Erotic massages, nights out, and a day without chores are just the beginning. These books are personalized and make for a great gift that any guy will enjoy. You can even throw in a few sex coupons to keep things intimate. Coupon books also make for a good accompanying gift. If you have already bought something for him, consider tossing this in as an added bonus because you love him so much.

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