Valentine’s Day – 7 Ways To Make It Sizzle


Making Valentine’s Day sexy doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of super easy and fun ways you can turn up the heat inside the bedroom (or outside of it) for the 14th and most of them don’t require you to spend a lot of money or go too far outside your comfort zone. Read on for seven excellent sex tips to make this Valentine’s Day smolder.


Give The Gift Of Oral Sex

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This Valentine’s Day, give your partner crazy good oral sex – and we’re talking crazy good. Not the “Sure-I’ll-Give-You-Head-If-You-Want” oral sex, the “I’m-Going-To-Die-If-I-Can’t-Get-You-In-My-Mouth-Right-Now” kind. Prep with flavored lubes, do some research on how to please them orally, and plan to be down there about an hour – or however long it takes! This is not a rush job – this is a gift, so make it good. Attitude is important here, because if you act like you can’t wait to get it over with, your partner is going to sense that you’re not into it. Think of it as savoring a delicious dessert or that you’re starving and you just can’t get enough.

Try Something New

Make a point to try something totally new and adventurous on Valentine’s Day. Do something you’ve never, ever done before. Never tried anal sex? BDSM? Roleplaying? The trick here is to select something you’ve never done before, but also something that is only slightly outside of your normal bedroom fare. If you’ve never tried anal sex, don’t whip out a huge dildo to use on her backdoor for the first time. Instead, why not gift her a tiny butt plug or try analingus?

Turn Your Partner Into A Buffet

Instead of going out for entertainment after dinner on Valentine’s Day, why not make dinner the entertainment? Certain foods are considered sensual, such as chocolate, strawberries, champagne, sushi and even oysters. You can make these foods even sexier by eating them off your partner! Have your partner lie down on the table naked and set a few pieces of sushi on their bodies for a sexy Sushi buffet. Then for dessert, drizzle chocolate sauce all over them and lick it off – slowly!

Go Outside The Bedroom Doors

This Valentine’s Day, have sex somewhere other than your bedroom. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life without using new sex positions or bringing sex toys into the mix. You’d be surprised at what a simple change in location can do for the heat level between you and your lover! Try having sex somewhere else in your house (shower sex anyone?) or get naughty in your local laundromat, the balcony of a hotel room or even in your car. Check out our 1001 Best Places To Have Sex In America for the best ideas!

Bring Out The Sex Games

After dinner on Valentine’s Day, take the entertainment home and try out some super hot sex games with your partner. There are tons of great sex games available at online sex toy stores like Adam & Eve, such as sexy dice or a sensuous board game with a spinner. If you want to keep things low cost, you can also turn your favorite game into something naughty. Try out naked twister or strip poker with stuff you already have at home, or play a simple but sizzling game of truth or dare. When you use your imagination, you can pretty much make any game sexy.

Watch Pornography Together

Unless watching porn together is something you and your partner do regularly, it can be a super hot way to spice up Valentine’s Day. If you watch porn together all the time, it’s not going to feel as special as it will if it’s a once in awhile treat. Pick a really steamy, erotic movie to watch together and make sure no one else is home. Avoid choosing a hardcore sex flick that just shows people banging away on each other – something more sensual is best for Valentine’s Day. You’ll probably get busy right there on the couch with the movie going! Bonus points for doing it outside the bedroom.

Put A Twist On Chocolate

Sure, chocolates are pretty cliche for Valentine’s Day, but add a twist by introducing chocolate scented condoms, chocolate sauce or even chocolate flavored lube for a great blowjob or cunnilingus. There are tons of great ways to make chocolate sexual. If you’re feeling really creative, try replacing the chocolates in traditional heart shaped box with chocolate condoms, or put small penis shaped chocolates inside (usually found at party supply stores). Get creative!

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