Valentine’s Day – 8 Creative Ways To Say I Love You


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg if all you’re trying to do is say “I love you” to your partner. But sometimes those three little words just aren’t enough, especially on Valentine’s Day. Here are some awesome, creative ideas that will help you show your partner how you feel.


Mow The Lawn

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This Valentine’s Day, put an “I love you” message in the lawn. This works best if you live in a warmer area and actually have grass to cut in February. With the mower, write your message in the grass – it helps if you spray paint the grass first so you have a guide while you’re mowing. If you have a smaller lawn, just mow a heart. When you’re done, have your partner look at it from a window on the second story!

Make Toast

Check out online cookware outlets or check your local specialty food stores and get an “I love you” toast stamper. They’re sweet, easy to use and usually inexpensive. Make your partner breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day, and use the stamper to mark the toast. Your lover will be so surprised that your “I love you” message is on the bread!

Tattoo Their Name On Your Body – For Fake

Before Valentine’s Day, order a special made fake tattoo with their name on it. A quick online search will reveal tons of places you can order name tattoos in just about any kind of font, but be careful when browsing websites that require a minimum bulk order. When you get the tattoo, apply it somewhere on your body in secret. Let them discover it next time you have sex! They’ll think it’s real!

Make A Fashion Statement

Make a t-shirt with their picture on it that says “I love ___.”  These are usually easy and inexpensive to make, whether you order one online or have one made by your local photo store. Heck, you can even use a plain t-shirt and puff paints if you want to. The idea is that this “I love you” message is a cheesy Valentine’s Day idea, but it’s funny and sweet. Proclaim your love to everyone when you wear it!

Name A Star For Your Partner

This Valentine’s Day, do something sweet and special like naming a star after your partner. However, get a little creative with it. Instead of just naming it “Karen” after her, make the name “Jeffery loves Karen” be the name of the star. You can also try, “I love you Karen,” or a line from the lyrics of your favorite song together. Make sure you’re able to locate it with a telescope so your partner can really enjoy it. This is especially great if you and your lover enjoy stargazing together.

Make A Radio Announcement

Plan to have a radio announcement say “I love you” to your significant other on Valentine’s Day. You can also dedicate a song to your lover and have it played after the announcement. Make it super special by having “your song” played. Make sure you put it on the radio station that your partner actually listens to, and know approximately what time the announcement will be aired. That way, you can set up a radio in the bathroom to play while they get ready for work, or you can make sure it’s on that station while you carpool home at the end of the day.

Make A Lighted Message

Cut out the words “I love you” in a black garbage bag. Tape it up to a window in your home and turn off all the lights in your house except for the lights in that one room. Make sure ALL the lights in that room are turned on. This works best if you plan to get home from work a little while before your partner does on Valentine’s Day. When your significant other walks up the drive after work, they’ll see your lighted message!

Put Up A New Background Pic

This is a great Valentine’s Day idea for someone you’ve been with for awhile (and who doesn’t mind you looking at or using their phone or computer), because if you do this for someone you’ve only been dating for a short while, it could actually backfire on you and creep them out. Change the screensaver or desktop background on their computer or phone with a picture of you two and an “I love you” message. Next time they flip open their laptop or check their phone, they’ll see your message!

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