Valentine’s Day Checklist – What To Do (And What NOT To Do)


Valentine’s Day is a day where you definitely want to have the right moves. When you’re in a relationship (or trying to woo someone new) on Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure not only that you don’t flub things up, but that you also leave a lasting impression. Here are some things to avoid this February 14th, as well as a few things that you want to make sure are on your to-do list for the big day.

Don’t Text Your Ex

You may be tempted to text your ex on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re alone, but that is a huge Valentine’s Day mistake. If you’re single, you may be getting your hopes up only to get shot down if your ex is with someone else. Or, you may start a relationship up again that is doomed from the start because you and your ex are incompatible. If you are in a relationship with someone new, texting or calling your ex on February 14th will only make you feel bad when your new lover does something super sweet and amazing for you to show you that they care. If you get caught though, it can take matters from bad to worse and could possibly jeopardize your new relationship. Don’t take the chance – it’s so not worth it!

Your Boyfriend Isn’t A Mind Reader

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Ladies, don’t expect your boyfriend or husband to know exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day. In fact, don’t even be surprised if he’s just not as into the whole flowers-hearts-cupid thing as you are. Because men aren’t hardwired to love Valentine’s Day or to know exactly what a woman wants for a gift, it’s perfectly okay and even encouraged to drop hints. We’re not necessarily talking about dropping hints that you want flowers or jewelry, but something more along the lines of letting him know things you think are romantic or special.

Consider Flowers Other Than Roses

Roses are very, very played out for Valentine’s Day. While they’re definitely a classic (especially if they’re red), they just aren’t going to give your lover the “wow” factor. Whether you have them delivered to her at work or surprise her with a bouquet on her doorstep, roses will only serve to show that you just can’t think of anything original. Try going with a zen-style planter with a tall pink orchid stem (bonus points because it’s a plant and won’t die right away like cut flowers will) or you can look for pink and white hydrangea blooms or tropical pink stargazer lilies. Red and pink tulips are also a fresh, creative choice for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t Break Up

Deciding that you want to break up with your partner on Valentine’s Day is just a low blow. Even if you simply cannot bear to be with them any longer, wait until at least the day after to break the news to your soon-to-be ex. You might want to consider faking sick or having to stay late at work so your significant other doesn’t end up spending a lot of money on you and end up regretting it later. Sure, you might be tempted to come out of the deal with a few nice things but a move like that will definitely earn you a bad reputation – not to mention, it’s definitely not the courteous, adult thing to do. Also, if you’ve been thinking of ending the relationship for awhile, consider doing it before Valentine’s Day, before your partner has had a chance to plan something big – and expensive. But if you haven’t made the decision by the 13th, you’ll have to stick it out until the 15th.

Make Sure You Say “I Love You” In A Unique Way

Don’t just buy your lover chocolate or flowers on Valentine’s Day. There are so many easy, cheap and amazing ideas out there that will help show your partner that you really do love them! From mowing the words “I love you” in the grass of your front lawn or dedicating a song to your significant lover on the radio, there are a thousand and more ways to make your partner feel super loved and super special this Valentine’s Day. Don’t settle for just a lame gift that doesn’t show you put any thought into it at all. The best gifts come from the heart and are actually very low cost – like stuffing balloons full of secret love messages or making them breakfast in bed with homemade orange juice and toast that says “I love you!”

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