Valentine’s Day Fun For Singles


Valentine’s Day is known as the “love” holiday, but do you have to be with someone to enjoy it? No way! Check out these Valentine’s Day ideas for singles.

Whether you’ve gone through a recent break up or you just haven’t found that special guy, Valentine’s Day can be a very somber affair. If you thought that this February 14th would be filled with chocolates, flowers and other gifts only to find that you’re all alone, you might be searching for some alternatives to help you get through it.

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This is a time that is generally geared toward couples, but there are a lot of options out there for singles also. Don’t get hung up on the 14th of February just because you don’t have a significant other right now. Push away the thought of spending your night eating ice cream straight from the bin. Take advantage of the occasion with some alternatives for singles.

Throw A Party

Throw a party at your house for all of your single friends if your find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day. Throwing a party can be one of the best ways to spend the holiday with other people who are in the same boat as you. Make a rule that no couples can be at the party and tell all of your friends to bring a single friend.

This will get people mingling and could help you meet a new flame. Since you’re going to be the host you will have a lot of the attention put on you. This is an awesome way to get over recent break ups and really put yourself back out there on a day that could have been spend wallowing in your grief.

Go Out Anyways!

So you don’t have a guy by your side, who cares? It doesn’t matter that you’re single on Valentine’s Day because there are tons of people who are also looking for a way to avoid the love-fest. Get a few of your friends together and head to out a night club that you normally wouldn’t go to. This will not only get you out of the house, but it will put you in a place that you’ve never been before.

We all have our favorite bars or clubs that we like to go to, but why not take a chance on this Valentine’s Day and expand your horizons? Going to a bar or night club that you’ve never been to will increase the chance that you meet new flame.

Take A Day For Yourself

If you know that you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s Day, take a day for yourself. Make plans to take off work for the day and do something that you want to do. Maybe you want to spend the entire day in bed catching up on old TV shows. Maybe you want to finally get started on the indoor garden that should have been done a month ago.

Maybe you want to take a trip to the next city over and do some outlet shopping. No matter what you want to do, make sure that you’re doing it. Being alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to sit around depressed. We rarely get a day all to ourselves so make it your day.

Go On A Blind Date

Blind dates can be invigorating and scary at the same time. If you have a friend or coworker that has been dying to set you up on a blind date, finally take the chance to indulge them. Remember that just because a friend wants you to date somebody that they know doesn’t mean that you have to take it any further than a first date.

Make it a point to not have a throw away date with the guy. Treat him with respect and not just a way to get through your Valentine’s Day blues. Remember that he’s a friend of a friend so your conduct will get to your friend. You never know, he might actually wind up being a potential relationship.

Valentine’s Day can be a drag if you’re alone, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding ways to keep yourself entertained so the depression stay at bay is essential for your sanity. Throwing a party is a good way to have a low pressure event at your own home while avoiding couples. Throwing caution to the wind and hitting the town can put things in perspective. You will find a lot of singles that go out on Valentine’s Day despite not having a significant other.

Taking a day for yourself or going on a blind date are other ways to stay active on a day could be dismal. Whatever you choose to do, be proactive in keeping yourself busy. Don’t allow yourself to think about recent break ups or the unrealistic thought of being alone forever. Take a risk and turn this Valentine’s Day into a fun social occasion.

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