How To Choose The Perfect Sex Toy As A Valentine’s Day Gift


Your Valentine’s Day gift should be a great one! You want to show your partner that she’s important to you and that you care for her – but you wouldn’t mind if you could also let her know that she’s super sexy and you love getting it on with her. If you want to get your girl a toy, here’s how to make sure you’re getting one she’ll really love.

Pay Attention To What She Likes

If you want to successfully give your girl a sex toy as a Valentine’s Day gift, you really need to know her. You need to pay attention to what she likes in bed! Think about it – does she like it when you stimulate her nipples? What about when you play with or suck on her clitoris? Does she really get off on deep penetration, or does she like anal play? Really think about what she seems to respond to the most during intercourse.

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This will help you understand what toy is best to get her. For example, if she prefers nipple stimulation, try gifting her with a high end pair of nipple clamps or nipple vibrators. If she likes clitoral stimulation the best, why not get her a cute little clitoris vibrator that she can use discreetly? If she likes spanking, get a soft but kinky paddle to use when you do it with her. Whatever it is that seems to float her boat, that is what you want to stick to when purchasing a toy for her.

Go For Quality

Don’t expect your lover to open a box with a $20 vibrator in it and be very excited – she won’t be. She’s seen better stuff at novelty shops in the mall. If you’re going to really get her a toy for Valentine’s Day and you really want her to like it (and not throw you out in the dog house for the night), then be prepared to spend a few bucks. While you can spend over $100 on a vibrator, you don’t have to.

Make sure you’re purchasing something that is made from quality, high end materials. Get her something phthalate free and easy to clean – hard plastic or soft silicone are excellent sex toy materials. If you get her a jelly dildo that stinks like toxic plastic, she’s not going to be very appreciative and she’s certainly not going to want to get it near her nether regions. Most high end sex toys will come in a nice enough package to gift, but if yours doesn’t, either have it gift wrapped or do it yourself. Don’t just slap a bow on a box with a naked chick on the front demonstrating the toy.

Get Another Gift Too

It may sound like you’re racking up the Valentine’s Day gift bill here (and you are), but don’t make a sex toy her only present this year – and don’t give it to her over dinner. If you don’t want to spend enough money to do gifting a sex toy successful, then find something else to do! Sure, sex toys are fun and all, but only giving her a sex toy for her (or one that you can use together) is pretty lame. It will peg you as being only interested in her for the sex!

Instead, give her another gift over dinner, such as jewelry or chocolates – or another well thought out present – and save the sex toy for a more private place such as your house or hers. She’ll be smitten by your earlier gift already, and when you are both in a more intimate setting, she can really look at and enjoy the sex toy without worrying about stuffing it in her bag right away so no one at the restaurant sees what you gave her. Just be classy about it!

A Note On Lingerie

Don’t give your girl lingerie as a Valentine’s Day gift for her. While this is perfectly acceptable to give her on Valentine’s Day, realize that this really is a gift for you. She’s not going to get off on it at all, unless it’s really nice and comfortable lingerie that she can wear around the house or under her clothes. A bustier and garter belt set is not an acceptable gift for her on its own. Get her something else you know she’ll love, and then enjoy the lingerie as a gift for you. 

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