Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Hot Sex And Explosive Orgasms


Coming up with a gift for Valentine’s Day for your lover is no easy task, especially when movies, dinners and chocolates are totally played out. Instead of giving her a gift she’s going to expect this Valentine’s Day, surprise her with a night of super hot sex and give her an orgasm (or two…or three) that she’ll remember for months after the last frost. Be prepared to give her an encore though – these sex tips will have her lusting after you and begging you for sex every time you turn around!

Learn How To Give Her Oral Sex

If you’ve never gone down on your parnter before (or haven’t in awhile), make a point to go down south this Valentine’s Day. You may think you know how to eat a girl out, but take some time to really learn how to push her pleasure buttons when you’re between her legs. There are so many different ways to please a woman orally that it can be difficult to sort through the ones that look like they’ll work (and the oral sex tips that look like total bunk), but here are some easy tips to get you started.

  • The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings in it. Pay attention to it!
  • The g-spot is easier to find after she’s already aroused.
  • Don’t head straight for her clitoris – it may be uncomfortable. Start with slow kisses all around to get her warmed up.
  • Be prepared to camp out for awhile. Your goal is to bring her to orgasm and it may not happen right away.
  • Make noise. She wants to know that you’re enjoying it too.
  • Make Valentine’s Day all about hot sex and her pleasure.

Learn How To Give Her A Blended Orgasm

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Women are capable of having multiple orgasms in one night and they’re also capable of having two different types of orgasms at one time! Take advantage of the fact that your lover is more versatile in the orgasm department than you are and learn how to give her hot sex this Valentine’s Day that she’ll remember for months to come. Most women can have a clitoral orgasm pretty easily (this is most likely the type of orgasm she gives herself during masturbation) and many girls can also reach orgasm through stimulation of the g-spot. By stimulating both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time, you can give her a blended orgasm – both types of climax at the same time! Start with these simple tips.

  • If you’ve never found her g-spot before, now is the time to locate it. It’s about 2 inches in on the top wall of her vagina.
  • Get her aroused first. Licking the clitoris and fingering the g-spot without her being warmed up could be disastrous.
  • Don’t try to give her a blended orgasm through penetration at first. You’re better off using fingering and oral sex.
  • Switch back and forth between clitoral and g-spot stimulation before you stimulate both at the same time.
  • Get comfortable. It may take awhile for her to build up to a blended orgasm.

Cuddle With Her Afterwards

After a night of hot sex (especially on Valentine’s Day) it is extremely important to let your partner know that she is loved and cherished. Mental stimulation is just as important for a woman as physical stimulation is, and if she gets one without the other, she may be feeling like she got jipped. Take some time after having sex to hold her, whisper in her ear and snuggle with her. Let her know how much you enjoy having sex with her and how great she makes you feel. Even more than the orgasms you gave her, letting her know how special she is will really put her on cloud nine! Here are some things you can say to her to seal the deal and make this Valentine’s Day truly amazing for her.

  • “I love giving you pleasure. It makes my whole night.”
  • “You make me feel amazing. When I’m with you, I forget about everything else.”
  • “Your body is a perfect fit with mine. It’s like we were made for each other.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “I can’t wait until we can spend another night like this together again.”
  • “You make sex so hot! You are incredible!”
  • “I’ll remember this Valentine’s Day forever.”

By adding a bit of romance to a night of hot sex on Valentine`s Day, you can make sure she is fulfilled on both a physical and emotional level. This is what will really have her coming back for more over and over again!

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