How To Have Romantic Sex On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and it should extend past dinner and a movie and into the bedroom. Here’s how to have romantic sex on the 14th!

Sex can go a lot of ways. There are women out there that like their sex to be really dirty and there are women out there who love romantic sex. There is a time and a place for everything. Having romantic sex can bring you closer to your girlfriend or wife and really keep the relationship fresh. It’s also a great way to have sex on Valentine’s Day! This is much different than breaking out the sex swing or an arsenal of silicone toys on February 14th. If your girlfriend or wife is stressing the need for more romantic sex, here is a short guide to help you out.

Leave The Sex Toys At The Door

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Romantic sex is all about the two of you, not the vibrating piece of jelly in the drawer. When you’re having romantic sex you want to incorporate your body as much as possible. Vibrators, dildos, cock rings and anything else that you purchased from a sex shop should be left out of the equation. Protection and lubricant are the only exceptions to this rule. A toy can easily take away from your ability to please her. She can always whip out the vibrator when she’s in a jam, but she can’t always have you there. Having romantic sex means that YOU satisfy her needs.

Set The Mood

Setting the mood is one of the biggest things with having sex. You don’t have to have music, but it helps. Choose something with a slower beat if you are going to use music. Pick up around the bedroom before you start in. Having dirty clothes, old cups or anything else that could detract from the deed is best when you want to set the mood. Close the curtains and light a candle or two if you have them. Decorate with Valentine’s Day stuff like balloons, confetti and champagne and strawberries if you have the funds. You want to make the room as calm as possible when you’re having romantic sex. This will put you and her at ease.

Take Her Clothes Off For Her

When you’re just looking for a quickie, you probably rip your clothes off and jump into bed. Instead of getting right down to it, take her clothes off for her and do it slowly. Start with her shirt. If she has a button down on then this can be even better. Unbutton each button slowly as you kiss her. Work your way down to her pants and take them off slowly. Take off her pants and her shirt before you go for the bra and panties. As you take one article of clothing off of her, she should be taking one off of you. This slows the process down and leads to very romantic sex.

Engage In Foreplay

Foreplay is very romantic, especially on Valentine’s Day. Not only will this give the event a quick shot of romance, it will give her time to warm up. When you’re in the foreplay stage make sure that you focus on her lips and neck. Run your hands up and down her body slowly to get her turned on. Remember that women are not like men. They don’t from soft to hard in a matter of seconds. You have to slow things down to bring them to the edge. A lot of foreplay will lead to some of the most romantic sex you have ever had.

No Crazy Sex Positions

Romantic sex should not involve crazy sex positions. The activity is about being close to each other, especially when you’re doing it on Valentine’s Day. If she has legs akimbo and a strain on her neck she’s not going to feel very romantic. Use positions that are fairly common, but focus on eye contact and intimacy. Missionary, girl on top and spooning are some of the best positions for romantic sex. Make sure that you’re staying as close to her as possible when you’re having sex so she feels connected to you. Hold her close as the two of you orgasm to make it even more romantic.

Romantic sex can be one of the best remedies for any relationship, and it’s exactly the right kind of sex to have on Valentine’s Day. Having the physical compatibility in the bedroom can translate to other aspects of your partnership. It’s important to remember that romantic sex should not involve toys or anything that you saw in a porno.

You want this to be an intimate affair between the two of you. Setting the mood can set a precedent for the type of sex that you’re going to have. When you use a lot of foreplay you can get bring her to the edge making it easier for her to orgasm. Following these simple rules will have you and your partner happy with the intimacy you’ve gained throughout your experience.

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