How To Write Sultry Valentine’s Day Poems (And Get Her In Your Bed)


Valentine’s Day poems don’t have to be sweet all the time! While a poem full of romance is perfect for the 14th, sometimes that’s just not where you want to go with it. If you want to write something for your lover’s gift, but you also want to have some great sex, here’s how you can make it so hot, you’ll get laid (and she’ll still think it’s romantic!)

Write What You Mean And Mean What You Write

Don’t write something just to write it. Don’t do it because you think you should, or because you think love poems have to be a certain way. Start with your feelings. Write what you mean. If you write it, mean it. Don’t inject fake emotions into the poem because you think they should be there or because you think it sounds better if you do.

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Your girl will easily be able to tell if you’re just giving her lines, so writing a super fancy love poem with words she knows you don’t fully understand (and using language that you would never use in a hundred years) isn’t going to get you very far. In fact, you’ll put a lot more effort into it than you’ll get out.

Here’s a hint: When you stay true to yourself and your feelings, it doesn’t feel like it takes much effort at all and the rewards are great.

Go “Sensual,” Not “Sexual”

This Valentine’s Day, you want to have incredible sex. You also want to try your hand at seducing your lover with poetry. If this is your goal, you don’t want to go with anything “sexual.” Talking about how hot she is, how hard she makes you or how horny you are isn’t going to do much in the way of getting her to go to bed with you. This is not what is going to get her to respond.

Instead, go “sensual.” Talk about her curves, how supple her skin looks in the moonlight and how you love kissing her soft lips. Compare parts of her to things you can find in nature – eyes the precise color of a sparkling river, lips like rose petals, etc. Use words like “wet, hard, delicious, supple, dirty, etc.” but not to describe her. She’ll get the underlying meaning. If you think of something sexual to write, just stop and think of how a woman might right that same thing. Would she say, “Your hot body makes me so hard,” or would she say, “Your sensuous curves set me on fire!” Think about it!

Don’t Be Afraid To “Get Inspired”

Guys look at porn. Women read romance and erotic novels. So if you’re going to try to seduce your lover on Valentine’s Day with poetry, why not go to the source of all women’s desire? Yes, it means you’ll have to read. Girly stuff. But it will be well worth it to understand a sexual situation from a woman’s perspective. Romance and erotic novels are nothing but situations in which a woman’s perfect scenario with someone is acted out word for word, play by play.

Google some short erotic stories – you’ll get to the good stuff a lot sooner than if you try to crack open a Harlequin. Take note of what the main woman in the story is seeing, feeling and thinking. Use this to inspire you to write your own story of sorts. Notice the slow buildup before anything erotic is introduced – this is definitely something you want your own poetry to reflect!

Play On Her Fantasies

Again, this is where either knowing your partner really well or knowing how women think about sexual situations well. Don’t think you’ll be able to write excellent Valentine’s Day poems without doing a little homework first. Think about what your lover likes in bed. Has she expressed to you what her desires or fantasies are? If so, you’re lucky! If you’re not quite sure, just write your poetry based on what you know she likes.

So to sum it all up, you want to be genuine when you write, get an idea of what to write from erotic or romance novels and choose topics that reflect your lover’s hidden desires. Be sensual and put some personality into it and you’re golden! Even if you’re not a brilliant author, your partner will know that you spent time and effort on her this Valentine’s Day. For a woman, that’s the best gift of all!

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