Valentine’s Day Ideas Your Guy Will Go Nuts For!


Valentine’s Day can be one of the most dreaded days of the year for men. This is a day that men have to be on their toes in order to get he right amount of romance out there for their girlfriends. In an effort to change it up a little, why don’t you do something that he will like?

Valentine’s Day ideas that he will love aren’t something that usually spring to mind on that special day in February so we’re going to give you a few starters to help you. Here are some great things your man will love.

Go Out On A Traditional Date

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Traditional dates allow your fella to take you out and cater to you. Believe it or not, men like taking their girlfriends or wives out on the town. Let him plan all of the events. Whether you’re having dinner at a new restaurant or an old favorite, allowing him to plan the evening will make him feel like a man. Try wearing a new outfit on your date or wear something that you know he loves you in.

Have A Quiet Night

There’s nothing like a quiet night at home with the man that you love. Valentine’s Day can be a real hassle with making reservations, spending excessive money and competing with other couples for a table at a restaurant. One of the many things he will love on Valentine’s Day is to have him for you at home.

Valentines Day is about being together, no matter where you are. Remember that staying is also the shortest distance to the bedroom. Rent your favorite romantic movie and watch it together in bed. Chances are you won’t make it through the first 20 minutes.

Visit A Comedy Club

Who doesn’t like a comedy club? You get out of the house and you get have a few laughs. Valentine’s Day can be a very romantic, but why not spice things up with a different kind of night? Instead of having your partner shower you with gifts have him take you to a comedy club. You will both have fun while still keeping things romantic. Have a couple of drinks and enjoy the show together.

There is a lot of pressure to make the day great for you. Take some of the pressure off and just enjoy the evening with your partner. He will appreciate the fact that you’re not materialistic or hung up traditional Valentine’s Day stuff.

Throw A Party

A party is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Parties not only allow you to catch with your friends, it will allow him to have fun with his best buddies too. Invite some of your single friends and tell him to do the same. You can both have fun watching everybody mingle while entertaining. Decorate your house with some fun décor to set the mood.

Red and pink heart banners and a Valentine’s Day cake are essential for your party. Make sure that you have enough food and beverages for everybody. Having finger foods making it BYOB is a less expensive way to throw a party. Best of all, your lover will enjoy a different kind of February 14th.

Plan A Getaway

We all lead busy lives, but a getaway might be one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for the both of you. This could take some planning so decide where you want to go a month or two in advance. February is a great month to get up to the mountains.

The snow is beautiful and you can cuddle up by a fire together. If you’re not much for the mountains, take a trip to a beach. The beach in the winter can be very romantic. A nice bed and breakfast can be extremely romantic. Whatever choice you make, he’ll love getting away with you even it’s just for a day or so.


This works really well with men as a Valentine’s Day idea. Tell him that you don’t want to do anything! He’ll probably question you, but just reiterate that you have a lot going on and you would just like to stay in.

After he gets off work, tell him to get dressed and take him out to a surprise dinner at his favorite restaurant. This is a great way to show your man that you love him on Valentine’s Day. He’ll be surprised and excited that you’ve gone to the trouble of planning a date that he will enjoy.

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