How To Write Valentine’s Day Poems For Your Guy


Valentine’s Day isn’t all about her, it’s about him too! Surprise him with romantic Valentine’s Day poems (yes, he’ll love it and here’s why!)

Valentine’s Day is a day where you can express how much you love your partner. Men all over the world celebrate it by giving gifts, cooking dinners and sending flowers to their partner’s work. But what about your guy? Despite what you may thing, guys need to be told how much you love them too.

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Men love a woman that tells them how much they care about them and February 14th is the perfect time to do so. Writing Valentine’s Day poems for your man will show you how much you love them and make them feel special. If you have never written Valentine’s Day poems before, there are a few things that you should know before you get started!

Do It From The Heart

Valentine’s Day poems are not acceptable unless they are written from the heart. Sincerity is the key. When you pen something that is overly embellished, your guy will know that you’re not being sincere. Think about all of the qualities that you love about him and try to express them in your poem. Talk about your first date or other aspects of your relationship. Try to make it as sincere as possible, but do not under embellish either.

Avoid Cliches

Cliches like “we have a love more vast than the sands of time” can come off as extremely cheesy. Avoid any cliches that you have heard before. Cliches do not sound sincere and can easily be mistaken for laziness. You want your partner to feel appreciated, not like you took a shortcut on his gift. Using metaphors is a great method to writing Valentine’s Day poems, but be careful that you’re not using common cliches with your metaphors. The same rule applies to similes so watch out for these mistakes.

Mention The Little Things

Talk about the little things that you love about him. Whether this is how he brushes your hair out of your eyes, kisses you softly every night before you fall asleep or holds you tight when you’re scared, bring these qualities to your poem. Not only will this get your emotions going, he will feel appreciated. Love is not about the monetary items that your partner buys you, it’s about the little things. Telling him that you love the little things that he does for you will show your dedication to him in it’s most sincere form.

Avoid Rhyming

Valentine’s Day poems do not have to rhyme. Some of the most famous ones do not even have rhyme schemes. Don’t feel pressured to rhyme the words in your poem. Sometimes the rhyming can even take away from the poem. Having one that does not rhyme can come off as less cheesy and more romantic. If you decide to pen one that does rhyme, keep it consistent throughout the poem. Choose a rhyme scheme that you feel comfortable with and take it from there.

Choose Your Words Well

Choose your words carefully. When you’re writing Valentine’s Day poems you don’t want the poem to come off the wrong way. If you don’t know what a word means, look it up. The last thing that you want to do is offend your partner with your gift. Choose words that are romantic and masculine to make him feel like a man. If you are too corny with your poem, you could embarrass him.

Be Funny

Another route to take is to do a funny poem. These come off as fun and do not run the risk of being too cheesy or making him uncomfortable. When you’re coming up with funny Valentine’s Day poems, it’s best to have a rhyme scheme (even though we suggested not to earlier). This shows off your sense of humor while also giving him a gift he will love. If you have a good funny bone in you, consider being humorous and romantic instead of just romantic.

Writing Valentine’s Day poems for your partner can be a rewarding way to show him how much you love him. If you don’t research the words that you’re using with your poem, you might turn him off immediately. The same can happen if you don’t do it from the heart. Valentine’s Day is not all about gifts, but this is a gift that you are constructing from your heart. Because it’s coming from your heart, you should put time and effort into it. Follow these simple guidelines and your gift will be a real hit with your fella!

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