The Top 7 SEXIEST Valentine’s Day Ideas Ever!


Valentine’s Day is all about romance, but you should inject a healthy dose of sex in there too for a great night. While she’ll love the romance, you’ll both dig the sex, so here are the very best unique and SEXY Valentine’s Day suggestions!

1. Paint Her Body

Your woman wants you to spend some time on her this Valentine’s Day. What better way to do that than to lick and kiss all over her body, from head to toe? You can do this on your own, or you can gift your partner a delicious tub of edible body paint (or just use regular chocolate sauce) and tell her you’re going to enjoy her all night.

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Draw hearts and words on her body and lick off the paint slowly, letting her savor every sensation! Just remember not to put anything with sugar on her genitals – this will give her an uncomfortable yeast infection later! That is not a Valentine’s Day gift you want to leave your lover with!

2. Steamy Sex Games

Why not break out a sexy board game for Valentine’s Day? Go with something tame like Battle Of The Sexes if you want to get competitive but not naked, or play something fun like strip poker if you don’t have anything around but cards.

If you’ve planned for it, you have some time to get a sex game that you can give as a gift. Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games is an inventive card game, while there are many sexy board games that will get you and your lover exploring brand new things. Even something as simple as dirty dice can be hotter on Valentine’s Day!

3. The Honey Game

This is an excellent foreplay sex game if you and your partner want to have some fun this Valentine’s Day but can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money. Simply take a dab of honey, smear it in a small area on your body, blindfold your partner and let them try to find the dab of honey with their mouth!

This is incredibly sensual, because you’ll get to feel your lover’s hot mouth all over your body! They’ll really enjoy it as well, because you’re going to give them something super special (and sexy) when they find the prize.

4. A Striptease

Ladies, don’t underestimate the value of a striptease for your lover on Valentine’s Day. The idea itself may seem played out, but unless you give your man a striptease every single day of his life (which we’re willing to bet that you don’t) then it’s an incredible gift and you should definitely do it!

Guys love to look at women. They love to look at naked women (or women in lingerie) even more. They like to look at naked women dancing the most! Surprise your partner with a well put together striptease (because a crappy one that shows you haven’t practiced or put any effort into it at all is just insulting) and he’ll really enjoy it! Plus, it’s free!

5. Really Good Wine And A Babysitter

Again, this is one of those things that seem played out, or the go-to if you can’t think of anything better. However, this is honestly one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts out there! You really don’t want to underestimate how great really good wine (and a babysitter if you have little ones) is for Valentine’s Day!

Life is hectic, especially with jobs, kids, grocery shopping, paying bills and other day to day stuff that seems to suck the life out of you and your partner. So plan a quiet evening at home and enjoy some really, really good wine. Go ahead, splurge on your favorite. Relax. You’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day gift as much as your partner, because once she’s relaxed and the kids aren’t in the house, it’s game on. 

6. A Fantasy Box

Explore your sexual fantasies in a non-threatening way this Valentine’s Day with a simple fantasy box. Decorate an empty tissue box with all kinds of Valentine’s Day themed paper, glitter and cutouts and proceed to write your sexiest fantasies on paper and drop them in the box.

Have your lover do the same! After dinner when you’re getting started with foreplay, take turns pulling out the slips and acting out what is written down. You’ll probably get a few surprises this way, and you’ll definitely be having fun.

7. A Hot Video

Ladies, buckle down and make an amateur porn for your lover. If you can’t manage that, at least give him some sexy photos to look at. Yes, your man looks at naked women. Yes, he’d rather be looking at you naked, but he certainly can’t do that if you don’t give him any material to look at! Give him the gift of you for Valentine’s Day!

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