Why Male Sex Toys Are The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Him!


Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts for “Her!” Although it’s awesome if you get some pretty great gifts from your guy, you shouldn’t leave him out of the gift giving equation just because Valentine’s Day is marketed so heavily towards women. But look at it this way – what does your guy want the most? Food? Maybe. Sex? You bet! So this year, you can surprise your man with his very own sex toy – and here’s the reason you should!

He Never Gets Sex Toys

It’s true – many guys don’t go to sex toy stores for themselves, nor do they order online. They’ve always done just fine with their hand, and frankly, for a long time, sex toys for “boys” just weren’t all that great. Things have come a long way since then, baby! Sex toys for men have much better materials, are higher quality and just feel better than they ever did before. But chances are, your guy is still stuck back in the stone age, thinking his hand is enough to get the job done. It is – but there are much better alternatives out there!

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Your guy may also be incredibly embarrassed to order from a sex toy store, so perhaps he’s thought about it, but never made that jump. Either way, the fact of the matter is, while you may go shopping for this vibrator or that dildo, he’s never really had a thing.

Masturbation Gets Boring Sometimes

Even though guys look at porn way more than girls do when masturbating, it still gets boring sometimes. His hand just doesn’t feel as good as your vagina, but he makes do because let’s face it – guys masturbate. They just do. They do it when they have great sex lives, they do it when they have bad sex lives. They’ll do it if they had sex an hour ago, if nothing more than to help themselves fall asleep later. But just because your guy has a habit doesn’t mean he should have to do it really fast, in the dark, by himself, with no toys, just-to-get-it-over-with.

Think about how much you love your trusty vibrator. It gets you off every single time, doesn’t it? You know just how to use it and just how to move it to give yourself the best climaxes. But your guy probably doesn’t know that pleasure! Getting him his very own masturbation sleeve for Valentine’s Day ensures that masturbation will be fun and exciting for him again – and you’ll reap the benefits of his improved mood, guaranteed.

He Wants To Know You’re Okay With His Masturbation Habits

Many guys grow up believing masturbation is wrong or taboo. They’ve learned to masturbate quickly and in secret, and to hide their habits well. But he knows deep down that you know he masturbates. And while he’ll probably never discuss his masturbation habits with you (unless you guys are really, really close – like married for many years close), he secretly desires to know that you’re fine with him masturbating and aren’t bothered or threatened by it at all.

He might even have had a girlfriend or two that caught him masturbating or found his porn stash and made him feel bad or guilty about doing it. He may be terrified you’ll find out he jacks off! For him to get a solo sex toy from you for Valentine’s Day (along with an uber cool and casual attitude about it) will say to him that you’re confident and you don’t care that he masturbates. In fact, you encourage it. Make sure he has privacy, always knock if the door is closed and never make snide comments about it, and he may very well just think you’re the coolest chick ever.

He Would Love It If You Played With The Toy Together

Along with the idea that you are cool with him masturbating is the idea that you could watch him masturbate and help by giving him a handjob. When you give him the gift of his very own sex toy this Valentine’s Day, a scene of you, him, and the sex toy being very, very naughty is going to immediately pop into his head. This is a good thing!

While you definitely want to give him some time to learn how to use the thing on his own, after he’s had it a few weeks, you might suggest using it with him while you’re giving him a blowjob or kissing all over his body. Once you use a male masturbator to give your lover a handjob, you’ll never, ever go back to doing it with just your hands. Say goodbye to hand and arm cramps, ladies!

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