2 Girls Teach Sex Review

2 Girls Teach Sex is a complete video course that features hot, sexy women telling you – from a woman’s point of view – how the ladies want to be touched, licked, sucked and fondled. Hearing it from a guy is one thing (how can you really be sure that the guy you’re learning from really knows what he’s doing?) but hearing it from a girl means that you know the information you’re getting is real. The instructors in 2 Girls Teach Sex are popular adult film stars, so not only do they know how to please a woman because they ARE women, they also know how to please girls because they’ve done it professionally dozens of times!

2 Girls Teach Sex really goes there. There’s nothing off limits or taboo here, whether it’s a frank discussion about how to perform oral sex on woman who doesn’t smell so great down there to anal sex and threesomes. If you want to know it all (and see some hot chicks getting down and dirty with each other in the process) 2 Girls Teach Sex is perfect for you.

The Good

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2 Girls Teach Sex features tons of video modules on various topics such as oral sex, sex positions, multiple orgasms, stamina and more. What is unique about this course is that it features several different adult entertainment stars (who are women) so you not only get to hear what a girl likes from an actual woman’s perspective, you also get the added bonus that these girls have really had some experience in this department – so you know the information you’re getting is from a solid source.

The Bad

If you’re looking for a really professional feeling instructional video course, 2 Girls Teach Sex may not be for you – there is some nudity involved, and some of it even borders on straight up porn rather than an instruction video. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing at all, because there’s got to be something that will keep a guy interested in learning how to please a woman, right? Many guys will enjoy watching this course because they’ll get to learn all about how to be great in bed, from naked girls who like to have sex with each other in front of the camera!

Some of the techniques are difficult to pick up when the girls are going at it, because the camera angle is such that you can’t really see what they’re doing – you just see a girl’s head in another girl’s crotch. Other times, the techniques are difficult to pick up because no one is explaining them – you’re basically just watching porn. However, the majority of the video modules feature lots of valuable information combined with the physical demonstrations.

The Bottom Line

2 Girls Teach Sex is a full video course that is designed to teach men how to become the best lovers their girlfriends or wives have ever had! Regardless of your penis size, sexual skill level or even how long you can last, 2 Girls Teach Sex can help you learn how to give your lover orgasms so juicy and wet, you’ll need new sheets – that is, if she’s not begging for more! Some of the videos feel a little porn-esque as opposed to instructional, but that may very well be a strong motivator for guys who want to learn how to knock a woman off her feet sexually by hot, naked women! Overall, 2 Girls Teach Sex is a great course for men who want to become a Casanova in the bedroom – it’s also especially useful if you want to learn from a woman’s point of view how NOT to screw up a threesome.

The Full 2 Girls Teach Sex Review

2 Girls Teach Sex is an incredible resource on how to be the BEST lover your partner has ever had, hands down!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to be your girlfriend’s BEST lover ever (and make her forget about anyone else she’s ever been with)
  • How to get her to let go and have an animalistic orgasm
  • Dirty talk, oral sex and anal sex secrets that most men DON’T know
  • 2 bullet proof ways to sleep with a woman for the first time
  • What sex positions to use for guaranteed orgasms
  • How to give an incredible, sex initiating massage
  • 8 different ways to give your lover EXTREME female orgasms!
  • How to give her an hour long orgasm (yes, you read that right)


The section on threesomes in 2 Girls Teach Sex is probably where you’re going to find the most useful instruction. What is unique about this section is that it not only shows you what to do during a threesome, it shows you how to have a successful threesome. Any guy who has ever had a threesome blow up in his face knows that if you don’t do things right, you could be in big trouble with your girlfriend or wife. This section outlines exactly how to treat your girlfriend or wife during a threesome, so she feels great about what is happening. If you really take to heart what the girls are saying in this section, your partner will start to LOVE threesomes – and will want to have them all the time!

Superman Stamina

Most guys know that it takes a woman quite a while to warm up and to reach orgasm. That length of time increases if you want to give her WILD, dripping wet orgasms – so you’re going to have to hold on to your orgasm for some time. Exploding after ten minutes of getting it on isn’t going to be very satisfying to your girl – so in addition to learning how to be a master at foreplay and intercourse, you’re also going to have to learn how to control yourself.

That’s where the “Superman Stamina” section of 2 Girls Teach Sex comes in. This section teaches you how to be in control of your own orgasm, so you can spend your time lavishing your woman with climax after climax instead of worrying about ejaculating too soon.

The Sexual Masters Club

There is a very special section in 2 Girls Teach Sex called the Sexual Masters Club. It’s an upgrade on the course, but it’s totally worth it. This section features the techniques that porn stars use IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES – the special stuff they save for their partners at home instead of on camera. These techniques really are the best around! You can learn how to turn your lover into a complete nymphomaniac and be completely sexually devoted to you and only you with these unique tips and tricks.

If you want to get just one video course on how to be the best lovemaking your partner has ever had, 2 Girls Teach Sex is a great option. It goes over everything from sex positions to oral sex to anal sex, threesomes and much, much more. There really is no stone that is left unturned here, so if you want it all, get 2 Girls Teach Sex today!

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