300 Creative Dates Review

300 Creative Dates is chock full of great date ideas both inexpensive and absolutely original. If you need a great date idea, you will find it in here, with hundreds of the most creative dating ideas. Most of the dates in this book are low on the budget, costing less than $20. Be mindful, not all of these ideas will work for you. We are all unique in our own special way. Find the ones that will work and adapt them to your particular style and situation. Let this book inspire you to create your own exciting dates.

The Good

If you’re looking for a book full of one of a kind date ideas that you, nor your partner have ever heard of before, you’ve come to the right place. 300 Creative Dates is a well written collaboration of literally hundreds of date ideas that you can keep on hand whether you’re dating someone new, dating someone old or have been married to your partner for many years. Forget tired, predictable dinner and a movie dates. After reading 300 Creative Dates, you’ll never have a boring, blase date again!

The Bad

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Some of the date suggestions are a little over the top and are probably not dates you would want to take your partner out on if you are just getting to know them. For example, taking your date to a department store and filling out a fake bridal registry form to guess each other’s favorite household items such as linens and kitchen appliances is probably not something you want to do with someone you haven’t developed a strong relationship with. This is, however, an excellent date idea for couples who are more serious and won’t be scared away by the “bridal registry” aspect of the date.

The Bottom Line

For $20, you just can’t beat 300 Creative Dates. The dates are affordable (if not ridiculously cheap) and put the focus on having fun with your partner and getting to know them better rather than having something “exciting” or “trendy” to do. Truly a book for people who want to connect with each other through their dates rather than attempt to impress them.

The Full 300 Creative Dates Review

Michael Webb, author of 300 Creative Dates, starts out with a section on tips for successful dating. This is indespensable, because no matter what type of date you go on, there are plenty of things (like being flexible with your time) that are just as important as where you’re going or what you’re going to be doing on the date. He also goes over a few things not to do on a date, which are also invaluable things to know before you pick your date up to make sure you’re setting yourself up for dating success.

One of the best parts of Michael’s 300 Creative Dates is that a majority of the dates are extremely affordable and are easy to plan. For example, spending a few hours in a bookstore browsing books, music, and sitting down over a cup of coffee for a chat is a great and inexpensive way to have fun and get to know your partner, and it just so happens it is a favorite date for both him and his wife.

With most of the date suggestions, Michael includes information on whether the suggested date is ideal for a first date or not, or whether or not your partner would need a sense of humor to enjoy this type of date. This information is essential for guys (or girls) who have a hard time reading their partners and need some help making sure they don’t choose the wrong type of date for their partner’s personality or the current stage of the relationship. Another great aspect of Michael’s book is that it’s information you can use over and over again. By the time you reach the end of the massive list of amazing dates, you can start back over and things will never get dull between you and your partner.

300 Creative Dates can be used for couples who are first starting to date, as well as couples who have been dating for quite some time and are more comfortable with each other. The book can even be used to spice up a marriage for couples who haven’t been on a real romantic date in awhile! The date ideas can be initated by either men or women, so if you’re a girl looking to take a guy out on a date or vice versa, so most of the ideas contained within the book are useable for anyone.

Some of the date ideas are actually written by others as well, so you’re getting input on great dates from all sorts of different people. One of the best date ideas from someone other than the author was surprising your partner with a romantic dinner at home. However, the creative twist was that she insisted they were dining at a formal restauraunt and that her date must be blindfolded during the drive because the restaurant was a surprise. After donning their formal clothes, she drove her blindfolded partner around in circles, only to lead him back to the kitchen table. After taking his blindfold off, he was not only surprised, but thoroughly romanced. And the cost of this ultra creative, romantic dinner date? Minimal.

While 300 Creative Dates is simply a book chock full of page after page of dates (and therefore somewhat difficult to navigate through) the date ideas are truly unique and one of a kind. You can be sure you’ve never heard these date ideas anywhere else, and your partner hasn’t either!

Of course, no ebook is complete without special bonus material and Michael certainly delivers here.

Dating Bible: A Better Way To Date

This bonus guide will walk you through common first date mistakes and how you can keep from making them, as well as simple secrets to successful first dates and boosting your self-confidence.

The RoMANtic’s Guide

This nationwide best seller is an indespensable tool for romantic gift ideas, celebrations and ways to let your partner know you love them. Michael truly believes that being romantic has nothing to do with how much money you spend on someone!

The Newlywed’s Guide To A Happy Marriage

If you’re not married now, save this one for when you do tie the knot. No matter who you’re going to marry, there are tons of values and tools you need to know to give your new marriage an absolutely unshakable foundation.

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