500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review

500 Intimate Questions For Couples shows you the questions about sex that need to be answered. Here’s how to get to know your partner intimately before getting naked.

The Good

Want to know more about your partner, their past sexual experiences and how they feel and think about sex? Want to know those things about yourself? Michael Webb’s 500 Intimate Questions For Couples will help you explore these things before ever having sex. It’s a great guide for couples entering a relationship who want to wait for sex until marriage, but it’s also enlightening for couples who have been together quite some time.

The Bad

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There’s no shortage of questions here! Don’t tackle them all at once – that would be one really intense game of “20 Questions.” Instead, ask a few here and there in a relaxed setting, when you and your partner are comfortable. Some of the questions will open up an entire conversation about the topic, and prompt you and your partner to share stories with each other and connect with each other emotionally. This is the point! Only plan to ask a few at a time and really savor the answers.

The Bottom Line

Some of the questions are pretty obvious, and may have been ones that you asked your partner before. Some questions are inappropriate for couples that have been together for a while, while others are strings of questions that follow the question that came before it. Some questions are pretty loaded and may very well get you in trouble – not many people want to really discuss how many sexual partners they had before and what kind of birth control they used with those partners.

The Full 500 Intimate Questions For Couples

500 Intimate Questions For Couples definitely has some take-aways. There are plenty of questions that will get you and your partner thinking about sex, how to make it better for each other, how you think alike about sex and how you think differently about sex. Many of the questions are going to help you and your partner connect with each other emotionally on the topic of sex. However, there are definitely going to be questions that you want to (and should) skip, depending on where your relationship is.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples is similar to Michael Webb’s popular book 1000 Questions For Couples, but focuses solely on topics that have to do with sex. This book also has the potential to bring two people closer together emotionally, but some of the questions are a little less creative than the ones in 1000 Questions For Couples.

Be Careful What You Ask

A short introduction leads into the questions, which are listed one right after the other. You won’t have to wade through paragraphs of text just to figure out which ones to ask – they’re all right there. They supposedly start off “light” and progress to “heavier” material, however, you may find that some of the ones in the beginning, such as “How many sexual partners have you had” and “What kind of birth control did you use with those partners” aren’t fare for relationships that are just beginning to blossom. In fact, some may never be appropriate for your relationship.

Also, be careful not to ask strings of questions all at once. For example, you may ask your partner if they’ve ever looked at pornography, but if you keep going with the ones in 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, you’re going to be asking what kind of pornography it was, when they last looked at it and if they masturbated to it. This will most definitely make your partner feel like they are being grilled and you’re probably not going to get a very good response out of them.

Great Questions You CAN Ask

There are, however, plenty of questions that will get you and your mate thinking about sex and about each other. You’ll learn more about yourself and your partner than you ever thought you could, which will definitely bring you and your lover closer together. Use them wisely though, and be aware of which ones you’re choosing to ask at what stage in your relationship.

Some of the really great questions in this book include:

  • “What has been the most romantic experience of your life so far? Could we recreate it?”
  • “Have you ever seen a picture or painting that you considered erotic? Why?”
  • “Where is one place you would like to make love but never would? Why not?”
  • “If you could eat one food off your spouse’s body, what would it be?”
  • “Would you ever consider joining the ‘mile high club’?”

There are plenty of excellent questions in 500 Intimate Questions For Couples that will get you and your lover thinking about different things you can do during sex, and new things you could try if you get the opportunity. They will also help you understand more about your own likes and dislikes during sex as well as your partner’s. Take the great ones and use them to get to know your lover better, and leave the ones that aren’t appropriate in the book.

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