Anal Pleasure For Her Review

Anal Pleasure For Her is a resource that is specifically designed for men, women and couples who are interested in anal sex. Anyone can read this book – whether you’re interested in anal play only for masturbation or with a partner, or you want to get into full blown anal penetration. This resource explores why many people are put off by anal sex, and how those things can be prevented so you and your lover have an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. If it’s got to do with sex and the backdoor, it’s in this book. And you should read it.

The Good

Anal Pleasure For Her is an indispensable guide when it comes to learning how to have anal sex safely and pleasurably. There’s not much about anal sex that isn’t discussed in the book. Gabrielle Moore is certainly not afraid to “go there” as many authors would be, and thank goodness there’s someone out there who isn’t! Now couples interested in making the foray into anal sex have an excellent resource they can refer to that will guide them through the process of trying and enjoying this activity from start to finish.

The Bad

There are a great deal of “don’ts” in Anal Pleasure For Her, which can come off as discouraging for guys who want to try anal play now. However, while inexperienced anal sex lovers might consider this a huge caveat (do you really want to read through a laundry list of things NOT to do during anal sex?), seasoned couples know that these “don’ts” are absolutely essential for a great anal sex experience!

So put on your grown up underwear and delve in head first. Read it twice. Take notes. Put them into action when you actually do get to have anal sex. Because if you fail to heed this comprehensive list of warnings because you didn’t want to be discouraged, you’re making a huge mistake.

One the whole, Anal Pleasure For Her is an excellent resource when it comes to all things anal. However, there were just a few issues here:

  • The book suggests that a female condom can be used during anal sex. It can, but it is much less preferable to a male latex condom. It’s also not safe. The rectum doesn’t have a “stopping point” like a vagina does, so things can get lost up there. It’s very easy for the female condom to ride up and get pushed into the anus during thrusting, especially since there will be lots and lots of lube. Do yourself a favor and don a rubber. It’s much easier.
  • Some of the anal sex positions are very “out there” and look like they could really only be done well by couples experienced with anal sex. Many of the positions will cause the penis to bend at an unnatural angle, or cause the woman to position herself in an uncomfortable way. Be wary of the “acrobatic” sex positions listed in Anal Pleasure For Her. Sometimes, when you’re trying anal for the first few times, traditional sex positions like missionary and doggie style are your best bet.

The Bottom Line

Anal Pleasure For Her is a must have guide if you have ever been interested in trying anal sex, whether you’re the giving partner or the receiving partner. Couples who want to try it for the first time together should really read this book together – it contains pretty much everything you need to know about anal sex, including what to do, what not to do and how to make it safe and pleasurable.

Additionally, many of the concepts presented in Anal Pleasure For Her can be adapted to other forms of lovemaking. Following many of the guidelines Gabrielle Moore discusses – such as knowing that it should never be a burden to pleasure your partner or to have patience with your lover when engaging in something new – are tips that will help make you better at sex on the whole. All in all, this is definitely a must read if you’re interested in anal pleasure (with or without penetration) of any kind.

The Full Anal Pleasure For Her Review

Anal sex has a bad rap for being painful, dirty and dangerous to your body. While these things can happen during anal sex, they are not simply caused by the activity itself – they are caused by someone who is really, really bad at it. Someone who hasn’t taken the time to learn how a woman’s backdoor is very different from a vagina. Thus, women have shared horror stories of the guy who put it in too quick or the time a man thought saliva was a good enough lubricant. Men have similar horror stories – tales of huge messes, paired with harsh criticisms against the women who failed to perform like porn stars do.

The truth is, anal sex can actually be very pleasurable indeed, and none of those things have to happen. There need be no pain or danger, nor should there be any mess if you prefer cleanliness. Every single thing that turns men, women and couples off of having anal sex can be prevented, reduced or eliminated by simply educating yourself and taking the proper measures.

And that’s primarily what Gabrielle Moore’s guide, Anal Pleasure For Her, is all about.

Don’t underestimate the need to know every gritty detail about anal sex – even learning about the anus’ anatomy and what kind of enemas to use are important. While men may be too eager to simply “stick it in” and feel the insanely pleasurable tightness that only an anus can provide, if you’re not grown up enough to read about all the “butt stuff,” then you’re not grown up enough to do any of it. Period.

Some of the things you’ll learn in Anal Pleasure For Her are:

  • Why communication is absolutely essential for great anal sex!
  • When not to have do it – for example, if your partner is on blood thinners or has a heart condition.
  • Different positions to try (although starting with missionary or doggie style is often the easiest and most comfortable way to try anal sex for the first several times)
  • What to do and say (and what not to do and say) afterwards to make a woman feel good – and want to do it again.
  • Signs that you “wowed” her and signs that you “bummed” her.
  • How to incorporate sex toys – this section is especially great for beginners, because often, smaller sex toys designed specifically for anal insertion are the perfect tool to use to get a woman introduced to anal play during other sexual activities such as masturbation, oral sex or intercourse.
  • Injuries caused by anal sex and how to avoid them
  • Common STD’s that are spread through anal sex and how to prevent them
  • How to actually do it the first time, step by step
  • Anal fingering and analingus tips
  • Example scenarios you can follow to get a woman ready for anal penetration
  • Why many women aren’t into it at all
  • How to discuss her fears with her and ease them before you ever slide between the sheets.

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